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The IV Street Art Biennale ARTMOSSPHERE will be held in Moscow fr om May 15 to July 31. 

For the first time the Biennale will come to the city: the works of artists will be seen in the Art Quarter along the Yauz Embankment, in the CSI Winzavod and on the territory of the Artplay design center. In total, 38 Russian and 16 foreign authors will be presented. The artists of the main project of ARTMOSSPHERE were identified during the open competition for the evaluation of the international expert council.

The theme of the main project of the Biennale in 2023: «Community: Partnership - Collectivity - Utopia». According to the idea of the curator of the main project Andrey Parshikov, it is the commonality, collectivity and partnership that have become important elements of adaptation to the new conditions, thanks to which the artists of the Biennale will try to comprehend and rebuild their surrounding reality. 

This year the ARTMOSSPHERE Expert Council did not lim it the range of artistic formats and artistic practices of participants. As part of the Biennale will be presented: murals, graffiti and public art, installations, performances and theatrical activities. 

The expert board of the main project of the Biennial IV included:

- President of the Winzavod Foundation, Chairman of the Biennial Expert Commission Sofia Trotsenko;

- Founder of the Urban Art Fair Yannick Bosso (Paris);

- Catherine Borisov, art director of the Ruarts Foundation;

- Theatre scientist, curator of the theatre program of the V-A-C Foundation Anna Ildatova;

- artist Kirill Lebedev (Who);

- curator and creator of Street Art News Rom Levy (Paris, Dubai);

- art critic and curator Carlo McCormick (New York);

- curator, cultural scientist and head of the sector for scientific and methodical work of the educational department of MMOMA Alexey Maslyaev;

- co-founder of the Artmossphere Biennale and art-director of CSI Vinzavod Sabina Chagina;

- journalist and publisher «Moskvich Mag» Igor Shulinsky.

ARTMOSSPHERE is the first and only street art biennale in the world, which introduces the most outstanding representatives of street art from around the world to the general public and creates a platform for development of the local street art community.

The main project of the Biennale took place in Winzavod in 2018 in the format of a collective exhibition of street artists who entered the field of contemporary art from the graffiti environment and other practices of working with urban space. Many of them went through the experience of unauthorized creative activity in the city, bringing characteristic themes, techniques and methods to the exhibition space, and inheriting the specific visual characters of the street.

The Biennale is held once every two years in the format of a large collective exhibition at the central venues of Moscow, as well as in the city spaces. All works are unique and created by the participants in the format of an art residence directly in Moscow.

In 2016, the main project of the 2nd ATMOSSPHERE Biennale "The Invisible Wall" was shortlisted for The Art Newspaper Russia award as the exhibition of the year, along with the exhibitions "Masterpieces of the Vatican Pinacotheca" in the State Tretyakov Gallery and "Icons of Modern Art. The Shchukin Collection " in the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris.

The project is implemented with a grant from the Presidential Grants Fund.