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Collective project
Biennale of street art ARTMOSSPHERE

31 May — 31 July 2023
В Territory of WINZAVOD CCA

Collective project
Biennale of street art ARTMOSSPHERE

IV Biennale of street art ARTMOSSPHERE announces the participants of the Main exhibition project

Winzavod Contemporary Art Center presents selected exhibitors of the IV Biennale of street art ARTMOSSPHERE which will feature the works of 38 Russian and 15 international artists fr om May 31 to June 31, 2023 in Moscow.

For the first time, the Biennial will take place in the city space, the artists' works can be seen in the Art Quarter along the embankment of the Yauza River, in the Winzavod Contemporary Art Center and in the Artplay Design and Architecture Center.

Artists of the Main project of ARTMOSSPHERE have been chosen by members of the international expert committee based on the results of an open competition. The theme of the Main project of the Biennial in 2023 is Community: Partnership – Collectivity – Utopia. According to the curator of the Main project Andrey Parshikov, community, collectivity and partnership have become important elements of adaptation to the new conditions, through which the artists will try to reflect on and rebuild the reality around them. This year, the expert committee of ARTMOSSPHERE did not lim it the range of artistic formats and techniques of the participants. As a result of this experiment, viewers will be able to see murals, graffiti, public art, installations, performances, and theatrical actions.

Headliners of the main project will be the Bulgarian graffiti artist Xpome (Bulgaria), who has turned his name drawing around the world into an incredible experiment. DOMA Collective (Argentina) will surprise the audience with a technological urban installation, devoted to the immeasurability of time, and crossover-project Monolog Gallery (Serbia) will build a bridge between Moscow and Belgrade via a series of live broadcasts dedicated to the transformation of urban environment.

Other participants of the Main project: ARIS ONER (Germany), Matteo Ceretto Castigliano (CT) (Italy), Amaro (Brazil), Pablo Harymbat (Argentina), IHAR (Belarus), Varenje Organism (Israel), GAYA SOFO (Armenia), Maria Bokovnia (Germany), Daria Goffman (Armenia), Filip Radonjic (USA/Serbia), Neon Spidertag (Spain), Hakob Balayan (Armenian Center of Experimental and Contemporary Art (NPAK) (Armenia).

Among the projects of Russian participants: sculpture by Misha Most, mirror kaleidoscope by Artem Stefanov, dedicated to the elusive perception of reality, bright art object by Sasha Frolova, video-art by Dmitry Venkov, installation by Grigory Orekhov and street performance by S. Obraztsov State Art Center team.

Artist who will also present their works at the Biennale: Anastasia Litvinova (Moscow), Sasha Braulov (St. Petersburg), Wearing Tail and artist Eldar Ganeyev (ZIP Group) (Moscow-Krasnodar), Lubov Vink (Krasnoyarsk), Philip Kitsenko (Moscow), Masha Smorodina (Moscow), Alena Troitskaya and Ksenia Sharapova (Moscow-Cyprus), Fork (Moscow), Alexander Gushchin (Yekaterinburg), Out Band Mucha (Samara), KTK (Moscow-Spb-Ekb), Anya, come! (Khabarovsk), Anna Tararova (Moscow), Elena Kholodova (Moscow), Alexandra Kuznetsova (Moscow), Ozerki, Andrey Shkarin and Maria Yefimova (Moscow), Galina Andreeva (Moscow), Krasil Makar (Ekaterinburg), Twenty Two (Moscow), New City Artists, Ivan Volkov (Protvino), Frukty Vrukty (Perm).

Sabina Chagina, Art Director of the Winzavod Contemporary Art Center and Artistic Director of the IV Biennale of street art ARTMOSSPHERE:

Two years ago, ARTMOSSPHERE received permanent institutional support from the Winzavod Contemporary Art Center and became part of it. Historically, ARTMOSSPHERE has been a large collective exhibition with a parallel program and special projects. This season we are bringing back the original idea of the show – street art should live in the urban environment, in the open space. The participation of CCA Winzavod in the project has had a positive influence on the final list of participants, and today we have not only subcultures, but contemporary artists as well. We have expanded the format. ARTMOSSPHERE today includes paintings and murals, as well as sculpture objects, video art, performances, and theatrical works. This is the first time ARTMOSSPHERE has become so multidisciplinary.

One of the leading events of the Biennale will be the joint project of NETSTEN (NOWALLS) and The Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development: ARTMOSSPHERE artists will be cover a wall along the railroad tracks on the way to the Winzavod Contemporary Art Center with their paintings. Special projects will be shown at the Artplay Design Center.

Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art is one of the first private centers for contemporary art in Russia, which for 15 years has been implementing initiatives aimed at development of the professional art industry. Combining galleries, educational programs, studios and workshops, Winzavod presents all directions of contemporary culture in one space. The vast activity of the Winzavod Contemporary Art Center are aimed first of all at supporting the creative community across Russia. CCA Winzavod has three strategic directions: New Names, Art Market, and Urban + Art; the key project of the latter is the Biennale of street art ARTMOSSPHERE.

ARTMOSSPHERE is the first and only russian biennale that introduces the brightest and most relevant representatives of street art to the vast audience. The international project has been held since 2014 as a collective exhibition of artists with experience in street art. The Biennale creates a platform for the support and development of the local art community, transforms the public spaces of Russian cities and continues educational activities in the field of street art. The organizer of the ARTMOSSPHERE Biennale since 2021 is the charitable foundation to support and develop contemporary art CCA Winzavod as part of its strategic direction Urban + Art.