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Open Studios

The Open Studios project is a platform that combines the principles of a workshop, residence and art school based on one of the leading Russian art institutions.

The project was launched by the Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art "WINZAVOD" within the framework of the strategic direction New Names. It offers a modern space for creativity and work, an up-to-date educational program, the opportunity to integrate into the professional environment.

Open studios are developing the direction of supporting young artists and complementing the idea of ​​projects of the Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod START (since 2008) and portfolio reviews in Russian art and creative universities (2017). For aspiring talented artists, selected by an expert council, participating in a project is an opportunity to take their first steps in the creative and commercial fields under the guidance of experienced professionals.

For viewers, Open Studios are an opportunity to observe the process of creating works of art, which, in the future, will probably adorn the best museums in the country. For collectors, this project is a great chance to meet future stars at the stage of their formation. Open studios occupy the premises of the legendary Aidan Gallery. Artists work in a common space, a concept developed by the architects of the Project Eleven bureau.

Season 10 

The participants of the tenth season are: Elena Kholkina, Yulia Dibrova, Olga Mikhalchuk, Aksana Prutskova, Daria Arbuzova, Elena Sharganova, Margarita Zhuravleva, Polina Savina, Ulyana Elkina, Taisiya Kamyshan.

Anna Zaitseva, Chief Curator and Deputy Director for Exhibition Activities of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, is a mentor of the tenth season of Open Studios.  "The motives of the season are to articulate their own position in a dialogue with artists of previous eras and modernity. Engage in the active production of knowledge, explore areas indirectly related to the self-realization of the artist, including exhibition practices, institutional environment and curatorial strategies," - Anna Zaitseva.

Expert Council of the tenth season of Open Studios: Sofia Trotsenko, founder of the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, Sergey Popov, art critic, founder of pop/off/art gallery, Alina Pinskaya, art critic, gallery owner (Alina Pinsky Gallery), Andrey Parshikov, art critic, curator of the V-A-C Foundation, mentor of 1-5 launches of Winzavod Open Studios, artist Irina Korina.

Season 9

The Expert Council selected new participants of the Open Studios: Sasha Puchkova, Vitaly Tyurlik, FARANGIZ Ra, Vivato Eka, Zhenya Kuzma, Sayan Baigaliev, Mara Pilyasinskaya, Danya Pirogov, Marina Koshlina.

The expert council of the ninth season of Open Studios included: Elvira Tarnogradskaya, director and founder of the Syntax Gallery; Sofya Trotsenko, founder of the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art; Andrey Parshikov, art critic, curator of the V-A-C Foundation; Alexey Maslyaev, curator, culturologist, head of the sector for scientific and methodological work of the MMOMA Educational Department; Ekaterina Bochavar, artist, curator, architect of exhibition spaces, director of the GROUND Solyanka gallery-workshop, art director of the Vyksa-Fest - 2023 festival. 

The mentor of the ninth season of the Winery's Open Studios, Lera Kononchuk, will focus with residents on working with different artistic methodologies. The motives of the season: research art and the embodiment of knowledge in the situation of hybridization of artistic strategies.

Season 8

The eighth season is underway in the new space of Open Studios. The expert council of the season included: Ksenia Podoinitsina - member of the Board of the AGA, founder of the InArt Gallery, Sergey Limonov – collector of contemporary art, Elvira Tarnogradskaya – director of the Syntax Gallery and art dealer, curators Alexey Maslyaev and Andrey Parshchikov, founder of the Vinzavod Center for Contemporary Art Sofia Trotsenko and artist, teacher of IPSI Stas Shuripa. According to the results of the selection , the participants of the season were: Anastasia Kovaleva, Vasilisa Lebedeva, Ekaterina Afonina, Alexey Ryabov, Ekaterina Popchenko, Katika, Kirill Manchunsky, Polina Abina, Tanya Prystavka, Yulia Vlasova. 

"The theme of the eighth season of the Open Studios of Winzavod is formulated according to the situation. It describes an approach when the priority in choosing a practice is the figure of the artist, and not the boundaries, areas (interests, methods of work, expressive means, etc.) outlined by the tutor." 

Mentor of the season – Alexey Maslyaev

Season 7

According to the results of the expert council, which included curators Olga Profatilo, Alexey Maslyaev and Andrey Parshikov, art critic Boris Klyushnikov, art critic Sergey Guskov and founder of the Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod Sofia Trotsenko, ten young authors were selected. The participants of the seventh season of Open Studios were: Julia Modest, Mikhail Rubanov, Sergey Karev, Viktor Zhdanov, Katya Granova, Daria Golovkova, Evgenia Voynar, Sergey Boyarintsev, Zhanar Bereketova, Anastasia Antipova. The mentor of the season is Alexey Maslyaev.

Season 6

The open call for the sixth season is closed. The names of the new participants in the program will be announced after the meeting of the expert council - Sophia Trotsenko, Andrey Parshikov, Simon Mraz, Alina Gutkina, Sergei Limonov, Alexey Maslyaev, Agniya Mirgorodskaya.

Season 5

As a result of the open call for participation in the fifth season, the expert council selected seven artists of the general program "Workshop", two participants in the "Pop-up" program and five participants in the "Open Studios +" - a new program that appeared this season. Maria Aligozhina, Alina Brovina, Ekaterina Gerasimenko, Misha Goodwin, Roman Kazus, Ivan Simonov, Veronika Chernyaeva became the new residents of the Open Studios of the Winery of the Workshops program; Pop-up programs - Yulia Nemova and Andrey Stadnikov; Open Studios + programs - Elena Buzueva, Ivan Volkov, Anna Kondratyeva, Bella Pokrova, Maria Filimonova.

Season 4

As a result of the open call for participation in the fourth season, more than a hundred applications were received, of which the expert council - Aidan Salakhova, Valentin Dyakonov, Stanislav Shuripa, Anastasia Karneeva, Andrey Parshikov and Sofya Trotsenko, chose ten participants: seven artists of the Workshop program and three participants "Pop-up", a new program that appeared this season. Slava Nesterov, Alexey Zhuravlev, Liza Neklessa, Rina Volnykh, Vera Evstigneeva, Karina Sayfullina, Sergey Nikitin became the new residents of the Open Studios Workshops program; Lydia Zhudro, Lyuba Sautina and Sergey Morozov became the new participants of the Pop-up program.

Season 3

As a result of the open call for participation in the third season, 114 applications were received, of which the expert council selected eight. The season's residents are: Alena Fedotkina, Anna Brandush, Varvara Grankova, Elena Minaeva, Mika Plutizkaya, Mikhail Lepyatskiy (Buryj), Olesya Lavrinenko, Roma Bogdanov

Season 2

Open Studios presented artists of the second season on a closed preview: Liza Stormit, Natalya Gudovich, Mikhail Levius, Tanya Klyat, Andrey Andreev, Maria Ivanova, Katya Garkushko, Slava PTRK. The main difference of this season from the previous one is artists focus on self-organization. Residents of studios will independently initiate additional activities, communications, projects for participation. They will form a team that responds to complex requests from the public, the tutor and, above all, the participants themselves.

Season 1

Participants of the first season: Vladimir Kartashov, Anton Kushaev, Asmik Melkonyan, Kristina Strunkova, Daria Neretina, MAXIM MIXAM, Alexey Zhuchkov and Denis Uranov. Artist of the first season worked in various techniques: painting, objects, installation, graffiti, fresco, mosaic, and porcelain. One of the highlight during the first season was a fashion capsule collection, a collaboration between artists with OTOCYON, T3CM and E404. The final exhibition "Victory over white" was presented at the end of the first season, after nine months of work in the Open Studios.