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Moscow, 4th Syromyatnichesky lane 1/8 105120 Kurskaya/Chkalovskaya metro station

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Administration: +7 (495) 917 46 46
Lease: +7 (905) 519 99 50
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International activity

Contemporary art and how to understand it

Get acquainted with the past, present and future of contemporary art in Russia. At excursion you will learn about the first commercial exhibitions and the auction, will glance in galleries, will solve secret meanings of work on the Wall.

Are you worried that you do not know about contemporary art? Don't worry: the guides of Winzavod will guide you through the stages of development of contemporary art in Russia, explain unclear terms and tell you about the main players of the art market on a clear and professional level. 
900 ₽
1,5 — 2 hours
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From wine to art: Winzavod history

The tour programs that Winzavod launched in the fall but suspended in the midst of the pandemic are returning to the contemporary art center. Secret locations, graffiti and street art history, galleries with history and legendary artists, samizdat works of art and wine cellars in one place and in an hour and a half.

The Contemporary Art Center has two dimensions: a historical past associated with beer and wine making and a contemporary life in the arts, in which it has taken the lead for the past 13 years. The tours combine all the dimensions of Winzavod and even more. A mix of contemporary Russian art history, exemplified by the cluster's activities in Russia, is a rare chance to immerse yourself in all the sovrisk. 

The history of WInzavod began with the estate of Volkonskaia, and when the Syromyatniki district, began to turn into an industrial one, a brewery grew up on the site of the former manor. It had several owners and, having survived the wars and the revolution, by the 21st century it had already become a key art cluster in Russia. 

 What awaits you:
  • A visit to the wine vaults and wine barrel;
  • The secret space of the cluster;
  • Tips and tricks on how to transport white and red wines and use the Monnier vaults. 
900 ₽
1,5 — 2 hours
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