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Age Apology

12 October

Age Apology


The first discussion in the cycle "All ages are submissive" in the educational program of  VII Moscow International Biennale For Young Art  will take place at 7 PM (4 PM GMT) on October 12. It is devoted to Anthropology of Age. The discussion will take place online. The original language will be English with simultaneous interpretation into Russian.

Discussion will be available by the link.

Andrey Shental, the curator: "Despite the increase in life expectancy and the aging of the population, the culture industry is still getting younger or even infantile. Even contemporary art feeds on all the young - the energy of renewal, the denial of the canons of the fathers and the discovery of new names. Initiatives like the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, on one hand, fight against institutional gerontocracy, but at the same time — through a reference to the biological age — reinforce a systemic ageism. Even within the institute of art we face a certain division of people into contradictory generational groups.

In fact biologists still cannot figure out the cause of aging, doctors do not agree on when this process begins and sociologists do not give a clear age criterion. Despite the hegemony of the cult of youth, nowadays in developed countries the "third age" is considered by many as its most productive stage. The history of art confirms this with many examples of authors who created major works in senior age. But at the same time, the aging process goes to the other extreme, becoming a profitable resource for the silver economy, coaching, and medical services.

As part of the biennale's discussion program anthropologist Tim Ingold will question the existing three-part system of generations where young people occupy the position of the rulers the world, sociologist Anna Shadrina will explore how social institutions and standards create ideas about the later stages of life and artist Ekaterina Muromtseva will talk about the historical exclusion of older artists from the institutional context and share her experience of interaction."


Tim Ingold (born in 1948, United Kingdom) - is a Professor Emeritus of Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen. He has carried out fieldwork among Saami and Finnish people in Lapland, and has written on environment, technology and social organisation in the circumpolar North, on animals in human society, and on human ecology and evolutionary theory. His more recent work explores environmental perception and skilled practice. Ingold’s current interests lie on the interface between anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture. His recent books include “The Perception of the Environment” (2000), “Lines” (2007), “Being Alive” (2011), “Making” (2013), “The Life of Lines” (2015), “Anthropology and/as Education” (2018), “Anthropology: Why it Matters” (2018) and “Correspondences” (2020).   

Anna Shadrina (born in 1975, United Kingdom) - is a sociologist, a teacher at University College London. Her research concerns gender, ageing and social inequality after Soviet socialism. In 2020, she completed her PhD entitled ‘Babushkas: Former Soviet Women Pensioners Ageing in Russia and the UK’ at Birkbeck College, University of London. The dissertation explored the social production of ageing for women in two different contexts.

The author of two monographs – ‘Single Women: Sex, Love and Family beyond Marriage’ (2014) and ‘Dear Children: The Decline in Fertility and the Increase in the ‘Price’ of Motherhood in the 21st Century’ (2017) both published in Russian. 

Ekaterina Muromtseva (born in 1990, Russia)  - is a visual artist, born in Moscow 1990. She graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University and The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. Personal exhibitions were held at the former Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2016), XL Gallery (2017, 2018, 2019) and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2019); also participated in the project “Dear Viewers” at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (2018). Exhibitor of many group exhibitions, including the Styrian Autumn festival (Graz, Austria, 2018). Resident of Garage Workshops (2019). Winner of the V-A-C Foundation's Present Continuous program in 2019. Winner of the Innovation Prize (2020). Fulbright Scholar. Founder of the itinerant gallery "Balcony".


Andrey Shental (born in 1988, Russia) is an art critic and curator. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art Criticism from Moscow State University and a Master’s in Contemporary Critical Theory from the Center for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University. He was a senior contemporary art editor at Theory and Practice from 2013 to 2015 and a contributing editor, writer and translator for Moscow Art Magazine from 2015 to 2017. He has been a foreign correspondent for Flash Art International since 2016, and has contributed reviews, interviews, and essays to various publications and essay collections, including Artchronika,, Art Territory, Idea, Mute, Art Leaks, Little Joe, Flash Art и Frieze. Curatorial projects include: Now Showing: Austerity Measures (co-curator, London, Lisbon, Riga, Athens, Porto, Bucharest, 2013); programs Aesthetics and its Discontents, New Cosmologies, DIAMAT (all co-curated at Winzavod, Moscow; 2016, 2017–18, 2018–2019 respectively); Arseny Zhilyaev's solo exhibition The Return (Winzavod, Moscow, 2017–18) and Turbulence at Cosmoscow International Fair (co-curator, Moscow, 2020).



Curator Andrey Shental 

Discussions will take place online. The original language is English with simultaneous interpretation into Russian.


7 PM (4 PM GMT)

Discussion "All ages are submissive" 

Participants: Professor Tim Ingold (UK), artist Ekaterina Muromtseva (Russia) and Doctor of Sociology Anna Shadrina (UK).

The discussion will be moderated by Andrey Shental (Russia).


7 PM (4 PM GMT)

Discussion "Tyranny of the Positive" 

Participants: Professor Eva Illouz (Israel), Master of Political Philosophy and Social Theory Natalya Protasenya (Russia), critic Boris Klyushnikov (Russia).


7 PM (4 PM GMT)

Discussion "Epic fail /The praise of failure"

Participants: Professor Jack Halberstam (USA), tbt: artist Gaby Sahhar (UK), artist, critic, curator Anastasia Vepreva (Russia).


7 PM (4 PM GMT)

Discussion "Social awkwardness"

Participants: artist Egor Rogalev (Russia), Associate Professor Oksana Moroz (Russia), Professor Franco “Bifo” Berardi (Italy).


7 PM (4 PM GMT)

Discussion "Morbidness / Anti-Health"

Participants: historian, Ph.D. Anna Mazanik (Hungary)