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Daria Fedorova
Mirror In My Bag

19 March — 20 May 2022
22 Sintezia
19 March —
20 May 2022
22 Sintezia
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12:00 — 21:00



Daria Fedorova
Mirror In My Bag

The exhibition is about the interaction of chaotic and unpredictable growth of microorganisms with a clear shoe geometry. One of the branches of the traditional practice of artistic cultivation of microorganisms. In her daily practice, Daria Fedorova works in the horizontal space of the «canvas», inside the Petri dish, with a flat application of the components. As part of the exhibition, Daria experiments with carving shapes from agar, collaging them on shoes, and creates a mosaic on the vertical canvas of the shoe. The meta-idea of ​​the exhibition is an alternative form, as if shoes were organic, had a soul, could decompose and reappear, participate in the biological cycles. The artist moves away from traditional ideas about rebirth and recalls that shoes are our connection with the Earth, they help our feet to approach and connect with it. A human being walked on four limbs, then stood on his feet – and shoes became an evolutionary symbol of the ability to walk upright. Objects covered in epoxy are one of the best ways to capture their condition in reality, in addition to photography. The object turns out to be alive inside, but at the same time, the moment of its growth, the state on a particular day and hour is preserved forever. In the conservation of the natural process of decomposition – an attempt to reflect on immortality. What will happen if the body is eternal, and the organic will never again decompose? Ultimately, the body will go, because we are on the threshold of the singularity, the big computer, and the transition to full digitalization. When everything becomes fully digital, there will be nothing to decay. But how will the earth, soft soil, exist then, what will the biogeocenosis of the future be like? What will happen next?