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Sasha Pasternak
The Air

16 April — 24 May 2019
22 Totibadze Gallery

Sasha Pasternak
The Air

From April 16 to May 24, 2019, an exhibition by Sasha Pasternak "The Air" will be held in the Totibadze Gallery. The exhibition will feature landscapes seen in the window: “A window is like an eye of a house or a human eye. Looking into it, you can see the sky, earth, houses, trees and air. Airspace separating and uniting the world. "

The artist Sasha Pasternak romanticizes the air, makes a separate character of his painting, strengthens its meaning to the level of a new media: "A substance enveloping everything that grows, stands, lives on Earth. The ghostly element of the universe, it refracts light, clouds are formed in it and precipitation is formed. It can not be touched, caught, shaped - you can only feel and breathe". Meanwhile, it is light and form that make scenic flights out of the window expressive and breathable. In the Air series, the artist allows herself a graphic measure of freedom and convention in which the stylistic unity of architecture and nature, the human world view and fantasies about it are formed. The author not only observes, but creates a rhythmic geometry of urban and rural spaces, seen with the help of his air optics.

The Air series was created in autumn and winter, while the works lack depressive notes - bright blue sky, warm sunlight, colorful autumn trees, faded grass, gray clouds, snow-covered roofs - a symbiosis of rough architectural forms and nature is full of delight of breath in front of an open window and artistic thanks to photosynthesis.