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Konstantin Batynkov

25 January — 26 February 2017
23 pop/off/art gallery

Konstantin Batynkov

Gallery pop / off / art presents a solo exhibition of one of the leading contemporary Russian artists, Konstantin Batynkov, with whom the gallery has collaborated since its inception, for more than 12 years. Creativity Batynkov embodies the urban atmosphere of the new century, an environment in which life and energy pulsates at every level. The artist's works translate the state of the human community and the space in which it exists. The exhibition is an exposition of several dozen works created specifically for the gallery space pop / off / art.

Vedute - in translation from Italian means the leading in the plural. Vedta is a genre of European painting, detailing the everyday urban landscape. Veduta reached its peak development by the end of the 18th century, and it was to this period, and first of all to the creativity of Piranesi, that the artist turns. Konstantin Batynkov uses leads as a reflection of modern urban life, with its inherent information noise and anxiety. Monochrome works, performed in a manner characteristic of Batynkov, combine real scenes and fictional elements - buildings and dilapidated architectural structures, people and helicopters, sculptures and almost abstractly depicted trees, spheres and saturated clouds of smoke. The state of boiling appears completely natural for the way of life in a big city, it acquires the features of phantasmagoricity and is somewhat romanticized through the prism of the author's vision, and the dynamics inherent in Batynkov's works are transmitted here without the help of color accents, only through the mastery of play of shadows and light, and almost improvisational the development of the motive of the work results in incredible plastic persuasiveness.

Konstantin Batynkov was born in 1959 in Sevastopol, the same year he moved with his family to Moscow. The artist works with the same success in different media, mainly in painting and graphics. In 2003, his works were awarded the 2nd prize, and in 2005 - the Grand Prix of the Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale. In 2015, Konstantin Batynkov became an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. Batynkov's works are kept in such authoritative collections as the State Tretyakov Gallery, MMSI, NCCA, the Cultural Foundation "Ekaterina" (all - Moscow), the New Museum (St. Petersburg), as well as in a number of regional museums in Russia. Participant of many exhibitions, in 2009 Konstantin Batynkov was awarded a personal retrospective at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow), and in 2016 - a large-scale exhibition "Views" in the Museum of Moscow, organized with the help of the gallery pop / off / art and Krokin gallery. Lives and works in Moscow.