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Evgeny Ches

13 October — 30 October 2020

Evgeny Ches


Eugene Ches is an artist of Urban contemporary art direction. Evgeny Ches was born in 1982 in Moscow. Since the 90's Chess has been one of the key artists who define the development of graffiti and street art in Russia. The exhibition presents several series of works created by Eugene Ches since 2015. They fully reflect the key elements for the artist's work.

For the last few years Ches has been working at the junction of graffiti and aesthetics of mass culture. The works created during this period most vividly reflect the impulse that underlies all of the artist's work - the need to constantly discover something new. Heses easily passes fr om one style to another, from one color to another, from complex compositions with many elements to minimalistic capacious images. His many years of experience in graffiti creation is reflected in every work: sometimes the whole figurative series of the work is built on it, sometimes it is only noticeable with a close look at the halftones of white, in which masterly composed letters are hidden. However, abstract, non-objective compositions are quite rare in Ches's work and serve as an exception, confirming the rule - the love of creating characters the artist has carried through all his creativity since childhood. Therefore, along with graffiti on canvases that he creates today, you can find a variety of heroes. In this respect, Ches inherits the practices of Western street artists back in the 1980s, who began to complement graffiti fonts with characters to give the works more narrative.

Despite the huge range of topics with which Eugene Ches works, his characters serve the main desire of the author - to find images that will allow Russian street art to find its unique non-stereotypical visual identity. In the works created over the past few years, this desire is reflected in the radical combination of images of Western and Soviet mass culture. For an artist whose formation took place in the epoch of "perestroika" and the 90s of modern Russia, this combination is a natural reflection of his reality. Description of Eugene Ches' art as pop art does not give a full description of his work and does not cover the entire range of his artistic activities. The art of Ches is much closer to what Soviet artists of the social art direction were doing, but with a principal difference - behind the bright images there is never a caustic satire or gloomy reflections on the present. Each work reflects the cheerfulness inherent to the author himself, which he seeks to convey to all who meet his art. As a result, this feeling becomes a force that drives Eugene Ches both in the active participation in the development of Russian street art, and in the original art activities.

Eugene Ches is an artist whose creative work is inextricably linked with life events and emotions. Ches is in very close contact with his feelings, with his fantasy and, unlike most adults, does not seek to lim it it. The introspectivity of Ches's art is the reason for the constant development of his personal style, thus avoiding the limits of one direction. For the artist, each work is a fascinating adventure, like a dream, in which the inner world of a person is refracted and reflected in bizarre combinations and incredible events. The inner creative freedom is complemented by the skill of an experienced artist with more than twenty years of practice of active participation in the history of Russian contemporary street art.