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Gogi Totibadze
Warm territories

03 March — 30 June 2020
22 Totibadze Gallery

Gogi Totibadze
Warm territories

If for some reason it is necessary to find only one word to decipher the main message that Giorgi Totibadze sends us for several decades, let this word be "paradise". 

Totibadze, basically, always writes paradise, and even in sad works of 1980s or frightening works of mid-2010s he still speaks about paradise, longing for it or horror of life without it. But more often - about life in proximity to it, about the beauty, wit, lightness and wisdom of the world. And here he is again.

The paintings, united in the cycle "Warm Edges", have never come closer to this world than before. Here, the sharpness of the warmth and miracle has been twisted almost to the limit. These are postcards fr om another world, a story of the beauty that man is deprived of, opening his eyes in a grey city resembling the fairytale Mordor and populated by people who are deprived of joy and depriving others of the joy of devouring themselves and their own and others' children. It only sounds like a fierce fairy tale: the paintings fr om "Warm Edges" in contrast show that this is no exaggeration. And Totibadze offers another fairy tale - a forest full of light from which you physically feel warm and happy. 

Each of us has probably been to places wh ere everything is good except the idea that you are here for a while and that you will soon have to go back to your gray window with a view of life without joy. With his exhibition Georgy Totibadze invented a tool capable of extending the time of happiness and the moment of miracle. To expand the moment. This tool I want to call "Vitamin T": a cure for Totibadze. If you take it, there is only one problem: you immediately think about how others, those you love, will see and find themselves in this magical paradise forest. But it is possible to cope with it too: new Totibadze's paintings are invitation tickets to those edges wh ere you all, all of us, you and I need to visit from time to time, better as often as possible. And to change the laws of time, to expand the moment.