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Dunbar layers

23 December — 15 January 2023
H2, H8 The Fermenting Cellar

Dunbar layers

Winzavod Modern Art Center presents a new exhibition within the framework of the Projects of Curators and Independent Communities. This is a timely initiative of the Winzavod Foundation to support the creative community, which allows you to see in real time active and talented projects. 

The exhibition «Dunbar layers» invites the viewer to reflect on social relations and explore the model of their relations with people. How many people do you have around you and how do you build relationships? What changes are happening with the arrival of new and the disappearance of old social bonds? What quality do your social bonds have? 

The exhibition project is based on a study by anthropologist Robin Dunbar, who conducted primate research and obtained evidence of settlement numbers from Neolithic times, and deduced the number that determines the number of permanent social connections, which a person can qualitatively and consciously support. It is defined on average at 150 and is called «Dunbar number».

The projects of the artists of the exhibition will help the viewer in the study of the social environment through the analysis of subjective sensory experience, which is inaccessible to no one but the perceiving subject. Participants of the exhibition reveal the topic through statements about their own experience, reflections on relationships, scientific research, psychological or esoteric ways of self-knowledge. The relationship of building social bonds is also an attempt to define yourself through these connections.