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Group project
"The Way of Communication": new NOWALLS exhibition

14 November — 25 May 2024

Group project
"The Way of Communication": new NOWALLS exhibition

The new exhibition will continue the season of the first legal street art gallery NOWALLS.

Gosha Ykor, Zhihar, Zhenya Woynar, Andrey Az net, Sergey Ovseikin (Zukclub) and Nikita Dusto  presented their works.

The exhibition is provided with a legendary space on the territory of a unique creative space in Moscow — the Art Quarter. The wall along the railway tracks on the road from the Kurskaya railway station towards two creative clusters: the CCA Winzavod and the Artplay Design Center is well known among street artists. For a long time it was being constantly covered with tags. This is the main artery that leads to creative clusters, thousands of people walk along the wall on daily basis.

Literally located on the "rail links" ("The Way of Communication", а pun for the Russian language), the exhibition is closely connected with trains and the road theme. Interestingly, usually the works of street artists can be seen from the windows of the train, but in this case they seem to be hidden from their eyes, and represent the invisible, reverse side of the message.

The concept of the exhibition "The Way of Communication" was developed by Moscow Architecture Committee and CCA Winzavod in the strategic direction Urban + Art as a project to support street art artists. A closed competition was held, within the framework of which the expert commission evaluated the portfolio, concepts of works for compliance with the topic and compatibility with each other. As a result, six artists were selected: Gosha Ykor, Zhihar, Zhenya Woyner, Andrey Aznet, Sergey Ovseikin (Zukclub) and Nikita Dusto. Their artworks will reflect thoughts on the topic of the way of communication in all the variety of possible meanings.

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