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Nestor Engelke
Hard Reading Pavilion

10 August — 08 September 2020

Nestor Engelke
Hard Reading Pavilion


OVCHARENKO presented a new personal exhibition of Nestor Engelke "Hard Reading Pavilion".

Nestor Engelke - St. Petersburg artist, architect, as well as participant and co-founder of the "North-7" group, working in the author's invented wood painting technique, this time brings to Moscow not just an exhibition, but a mansion of the XXI century.

Among the roughly cut and chipped boards, which flourish at the artist mirage, palm trees and Gothic cathedrals, there are portraits of Russian writers, familiar to everyone from an early age. Concisely and confidently, Nestor chops with an axe the text of our knowledge of writers and manors, avoiding the reduction of meanings and mockery of people responsible for the face of culture. In the darkness of the manor Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Krylov depended between being and not being, perish and form, life and death.

The doors of the "Hard Reading Pavilion" will be open for guests from August 10 to September 8 from 10:00 to 19:00. Visit to the exhibition is available upon registration: