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Ivan Simonov
No Walls

02 September — 30 September 2019
М The Wall Project (Small Area)

Ivan Simonov
No Walls


A new layer "NO WALLS" by the Russian artist Ivan Simonov appeared on the project WALL, changing the usual perception of the wall as a frame image.

"In a modern metropolis, a person is surrounded by walls, conventional barriers, and frames that limit the perception of the world and, consequently, thinking. In "Netsten" I break the usual perception of the wall and what lies behind it. A wall is a convention of perception, a given concept of limitations of human capabilities, but it is worth expanding it, transforming it, and we can see a completely different world. A world that was hidden behind a thick brickwork. By breaking the laws of the familiar, we discover something new, something we have not seen before, which is why the palindrome "Netsten" is used in the work, which can be read in the opposite direction, looking at the familiar and recognizable in a new way, "- says Ivan Simonov.

About the artist

Born in Moscow, Ivan created the street project #young people in 2015. Heroes of works become the casual strangers who have got in an objective of the chamber of the artist.

Repeatedly took part in festivals and group exhibitions. In 2018, he won Best of Russia 2017. The first solo exhibition at the Triangle Gallery at Winzavod took place in April 2018. At the moment it is represented by Syntax Gallery, located in Cube Moscow.

The works are in private collections and in the European Museum.

About the project

The WALL project is a free space for dialogue with street art. Each new layer is a new street art project in the main art cluster of the country. Support of street art has become a tradition for more than ten years of Winzavod's history, the WALL project itself has renewed the layers more than 30 times and among the authors the most significant representatives of street and contemporary art, such as Alexey Kallima, Kirill Kto, Chtak, Timofey Radya and Pasha 183 and many others were mentioned.

About the partners and curators of the Wall - the creative association of ARTMOSSPHERE

ARTMOSSFERE is an independent creative association, an agent of street art support and development in Russia, the founder and organizer of the Biennale of Street Art of the same name (2014/2016), the only international festival in Russia fully dedicated to street art.