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Tanya Sergeeva
"Museum with a painted sky"

23 January — 04 March 2018
22 Totibadze Gallery

Tanya Sergeeva
"Museum with a painted sky"

Totibadze Gallery presents Tanya Sergeeva's exhibition "Museum with a painted sky".
This museum does exist. Toy Museum in Prague. Several pictures are devoted to the characters of his shop windows. The number of stories presented in this museum is impressive. Frozen stories with a choice of certain toy characters, their interaction with each other, painted sky with clouds on the walls of the museum resemble scenes from the real world. Or from the world that we are able to imagine.

Tanya Sergeeva: "I strive to create picturesque collages in my paintings, so I'm interested in many things - landscapes, still lifes, flowers, photos, cups, toys, tin boxes, embroidered tablecloths ... I want to fix, remember something, that it seems important (or, conversely, on what seems unimportant). Perhaps that is why in my paintings often used texts from the Russian-French phrase book of 1856, which is full of amazing dialogues, often absurd, but at the same time speaking so much, like life, flying incredibly fast, but filled with such significant moments. "