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Vanda Vertinskaya

27 November — 15 January 2020

Vanda Vertinskaya

Project "Twinkling" is the debut of a young artist Vanda Vertinskaya in the Gallery "Fine Art".

Abstract photo collages and paintings are presented. Inside the dynamic colour streams in the photo collages, some structural compositions symmetrical in relation to the axis are definitely visible. When looking at the paintings, there is a feeling of meeting with the mystical, with the esoteric. Some compositions resemble ritual tribal headdresses with feathers, with ethnic patterns. Especially expressive are white or colored spots, - it seems, it is shimmering eyes of shamans, burning dazzlingly white light because of the plane of the photo collage and penetrating the beholder. Or they are impenetrable, flaming eyes of a jaguar or other ritual beast arising fr om darkness. Such an unusual and at the same time powerful creativity is due to the originality of the artist herself - Vanda Vertinskaya.

Vanda was born and lives today in Minsk. However, she does not attribute herself to any one country and is positioned as a person of peace. Movement, constant movement around the world, swiftness, irrepressible curiosity and thirst to penetrate into the essence of visible and hidden life processes - these are the main features of the way of life of Wanda Vertinskaya. She studied at the Belarusian Academy of Arts, in Great Britain - drawing in virtual reality, took master classes and lessons from Thai, Belgian and Mexican artists and sculptors, studied African sculpture in Paris, that is, underwent a multicultural influence.

Vanda experienced a special cultural shock when she found herself in the Amazon, wh ere she got acquainted with the creations of shaman artists, who were created under the influence of the ayahuasca drink - the decoction of the "vine of the spirit". Under the influence of this decoction shamans fell into a state of altered consciousness, they saw the paintings as a consequence of the intersection of the invisible world with everyday life. Similar states are visited by a person in dreams. Looking at the images of mystical spirits or sacred animals captured by shamans on canvases, Vanda made a unique discovery. She found an internal resemblance of these creations with the spots of Rorschach - a German doctor who developed a system of symmetrical ink spots as a test to see the inner settings of the man and, as in the case of the use of a mysterious drink, to penetrate into the subconscious of man. Here are two impulses in the work of the artist Vanda Vertinskaya: "These are paintings about the worlds within us. They can be fascinatingly scary to look into, but this is a useful exercise. Actually, this is the purpose of art.

Other works by Vanda are also presented. The videos are a surprise to the viewer, as well as multi-layered, expressive abstractions - original works of authorship inspired by the German artist Richter. Their concept is also close to the Master's vision: "Attempts to lay down a lawsuit. The art, especially abstract art, is usually doomed to distinct components. But the artist's sources of inspiration can sometimes be traced," says Vanda. 

Vanda Vertinskaya's works are fascinating; they provoke a dialogue with themselves, a desire for self-knowledge and self-identification, and allow us to see the world purified of filth, brightness, colour and happiness.