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Irina Totibadze

23 March — 02 May 2021
22 Totibadze Gallery

Irina Totibadze

Totibadze Gallery will host a solo exhibition by Irina Totibadze titled "Gustation" from March 23 to May 2.  

"Gustation" - taste, the perception of flavors, the function that allows the molecules endowed with flavor to come into contact with the taste cell, to determine taste. In the case of Ira Totibadze's works - taste of life. 

About the exhibition: "The clinking of wine glasses is lost in the commotion of the hall: laughter, true-life stories, and the ringing of dishes. Children scurry back and forth and unskillfully steal bread from a table full of food, more bottles of wine are opened, champagne corks fly to the ceiling, and every toast is accompanied by a cheerful hum and laughter. Leaves of lettuce and other greens turn the table into moss-covered mountains, and among them are dishes from every cuisine in the world: plump, shiny hoagies, pink shrimp, all kinds of sushi, vines shimmering with amber highlights. Broth boils on the stove in a huge pot, and the aroma of fried meat penetrates every corner and reaches every one of the revelers. Sometime in the evening, a guitar begins to sound, and the room is flooded with a chorus of sparkling singing voices." 

"Gustation is an amalgamation of atmospheres, tastes and fates. All this can be seen, felt and experienced at the exhibition of Irina Totibadze.