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Olga Florenskaya
Japoneria Chinoise

09 July — 08 September 2019
22 Totibadze Gallery

Olga Florenskaya
Japoneria Chinoise


From July 9 to September 8, 2019 at the Totibadze Gallery will be held the exhibition of Olga Florenskaya «Japoneria Chinoise».

The series of artworks «Japoneria Chinoise» is a collection of ironic «signboards» written by acrylics on a variety of iron trays found on flea markets of Russia, France and Georgia. 

Olga Florenskaya talks about the main theme of her project: «I’m not a big fan of Hokusai and Qi Bai Shi, and almost indifferent to Far Eastern art. But as a lover of all «borderline» – with joyfu and excitement l I look at the naive interpretations of this fruitful topic by Europeans. I'm nice «Japanism» – long-standing and sincere delusions of «white man» about the samurai, geisha, sakur and hieroglyphs. I look to the East from a domestic store «colonial goods».

The artist comments on the appearance of «Japoneria Chinoise» name:

«Many years ago, at one of the Leningrad non-conformist exhibitions, I saw picture of the artist Sergei Sigay entitled «Chinese heart». On a white background the inexpressibly crimson heart and the black inscription «sertsuaz chenezier», made stunningly gnarled font. The picture was so good that immediately I wanted to buy it, but in my youth and poverty I didn’t even think about it. Аs time went... I never saw the pictures of that one again, but the name firmly sat down in memory as an example of blinding word creation».

The name «Japoneria Chinoise» is a hommage of this long history.