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Apartment of Mr. Reverend

06 March — 21 April 2018
22 VLADEY Space

Apartment of Mr. Reverend

It is known that Mr. Venerable was born and died in London at the age of seventy-five. All his life he lived in this city in a two-bedroom apartment Apache Road, 6 in the Brixton area. Presented at the exhibition of works of art, owned by Mr. Reverend, kindly provided the gallery by his nephew, Mr. Eugene. Below we present his story about the works fr om this small collection of his uncle: "The portrait of Mr. Reverend Ryan Mosley was personally commissioned by the artist in 2007. Mr. Reverend met Ryan when he worked as a cook in a cafe.

Uncle was looking for fake ventilation grilles for a long time. It seemed to him that through the working ventilation, the British spirit and British brains were stretching somewhere. Written on the lattice three words "Around. Everyone. The Corner.", He often liked to chant. Uncle was proud of his coat rack. He believed that it is the most durable in the world, both on this and on that one. Still, he liked that she was made an Austrian, not a German. My uncle was an ascetic. On a metal couch he slept, and on a black stool he usually laced up his shoes. His favorite book was "Transposing" by Irwin Welsh. In the bedroom hung a picture of Richard Prince with the initials of the girl, in which the uncle was in love since childhood.

In the living room there was a black table, and above it hung a huge picture. Uncle accidentally got to the exhibition Rose, which was held somewhere on the outskirts of London in one small gallery. He was surprised by the old age of the artist and went to her place in the village, wh ere he bought this painting in her workshop in the attic. To the left and right of Rose's work is a picture resembling an apocalypse, and an assemblage with eyes. And another work that was in his bedroom - the colored "canopy" of Gilik. Mr. Venerable called him "the roof" and held under his umbrella - a cane. "