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Olga Roginskaya
Modern Theatre: Navigation Skills

20 February — 11 June 2020
10 School of Collectors and Experts

Olga Roginskaya
Modern Theatre: Navigation Skills


The set for the author's expert course "Modern Theatre: Navigation Skills" is open. 

Beginning February 20, 2020 (till June 11, 2020).

The course "Modern Theatre: Navigation Skills" is the author's program of Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the School of Cultural Studies of the Faculty of Humanities of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and theater researcher Olga Roginskaya - a great opportunity to get professional recommendations on how to perceive and adjust yourself to a particular performance, to begin to understand the techniques of acting, to learn the main sites and trends in modern theatre.

The course includes 15 group lessons lasting for 3 hours. Classes are held once a week on weekdays from 11.00 to 14.00 (morning groups). A Certificate is issued at the end of the course. The cost of the course is 62 000 rubles.  

The program:

1. What is a modern theater? How to watch a modern theater play: introduction to the topic. Own name: "Rimini Protocol".

2. Let's look at the terms: Drama/Postrama Theatre, Director/Postrama Theatre. Which theater surrounds us? Our own name: Dmitry Krymov.

3. Actor in a modern theater: how to watch an actor play? How to distinguish between a good actor and a bad actor? Own name: Benedict Camberbetch.

4. The character. Character system. The composition of the play. Own Name: Konstantin Bogomolov.

5. What stories does the modern theater tell? Theatre and drama. Tragic, comic, ironic, melodramatic. My own name: Gogol Center.

6. Temporary aspects of the theatrical performance. Spectator and time. Own Name: Yury Butusov.

7. Spatial aspects of the theatrical performance. Scene and hall. Theatre as a social place and project. Own Name: Andrei Mighty.

8. Theatrical action. How to follow the performance in development? The composition of the play. Rhythm. My own name: Sergey Genovach.

9. How does the performance sound, speak and remain silent? Audial aspects of the theatrical performance. Documentary theater. Verbatim. It's got its own name: Theatre. Doc."

10. Visual and spectacular in modern theatre. Phenomenon of the theatre of the artist. Site specific. Immersive theater. Own Name: Project TheatreHD .

11. Theatre and Performance. Own name: Marina Abramovich.

12. Social Projects in Modern Theatre. Own Name: Boris Pavlovich.

13. Phenomenon of student/young theatre. Educational theatres and studio theatres. Own name: Theatre "Practice".

14. Dramatic aspects of musical theatre: how to watch modern ballet, opera and contemporary dance. Own names: John Neumeier, Dmitry Chernyakov.

15. Theatre Festival Phenomenon. How to watch festival productions? Own name: Festival "New European Theatre".

Recording on the website in the "Online Recording" section.

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