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Podcast ''Winzavod. Gravitation''

10 March — 31 December 2024
10 March —
31 December 2024
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Podcast ''Winzavod. Gravitation''

«Winzavod. New Names» - updated format of the author’s program CCA Winzavod, where artists, curators, critics, talented heads of institutions and all those who change the cultural landscape and visual culture take part as a speakers. The program is implemented with the support of Radio «Culture»

The first cycle of «Winzavod. Success Story» was launched in the year of the 15th anniversary of CCA Winzavod, in 2022, uniting the main cultural workers. The guests of Sofia Trotsenko and Irina Saminskaya were the artists Oleg Kulik, Mika Plutica, Dima Aske, Misha Goodwin, Kristina Pashkova, Kostya Serp, Ilya Kachaev, founder of the cult gallery XL Elena Selina, Radio Director, Leshner and Musician Lamonna Yulia Petrova, director of the Impressionist Museum, theatre critic Grigory Zaslavsky, art critic Maria Kravtsova, art manager Vasily Bychkov, chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, editorial director of The Blueprint Alexander Perepelkin.

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In the new season, the focus will shift from personal stories and personal contributions to contemporary Russian art to new names in art: how aspiring artists build their careers, who helps and supports talented curators, how support programs are arranged and who implements them. These and other questions will be answered by the broadcasters in the new season.

«New Names» is a strategic direction of activity of charity fund Winzavod, for many years discovering a huge number of names in modern art. The main «kits» strategy were and remain professionalism and high level of expertise, aimed at maintaining and developing the art industry.