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Curatorial and Independent Community Projects

25 November — 08 March 2023
22 The Fermenting Cellar
9 Aktsiznyy zal

Curatorial and Independent Community Projects

In the spring of 2022, the Centre of Contemporaray Art Winzavod launched a program of additional measures to support the artistic community. The initiative aims to provide opportunities for artists, curators and other institutions to work in the creative community. 

The program included Projects of curators and independent communities. Participants were selected by an expert commission based on the results of open-call. Within the framework of the project, seven exhibitions and seven projects of short format were presented: film screenings, lectures, performances, play and printobeman. 

The project is implemented in the premises of CCA Winzavod in three stages - fr om November 25, 2022 to March 8, 2023. The projects presented a map of contemporary initiatives of curators and creative communities. 

About Exhibition Projects

The installation «Don’t Keep Me» is dedicated to the idea of false poles. In the exhibition - familiar to the viewer household items and redi-meids with no defined functional purpose. Objects are combined in structures that seem to serve to stabilize and support the already stable vaults of the Excise Hall. 
Curators: Christina Pashkova and Kostya Sickp. 

The multimedia project «The Reduced Dimension» documents the reality and world-feeling of the inhabitants of the village of Tigrovogo in the Primorsky Territory in the Far East. The exhibition consists of photographs of houses and villagers, surrounding landscapes and correspondence in group chat rooms, wh ere people share their stories, joys and stories about what concerns them.  
Curator: Ekaterina Sedykh.
Artist: Elena Nikitina.

«Coordinates» - site-specific project of artistic on the whole territory of CCA Winzavod. The intervention in navigation systems - booklets, charts, pointers, evacuation plans, stands with posters, signs - is an attempt to rethink the orientation of viewers in the spaces of the center of modern art and the domination of curatorial gaze.
Curators: Art Group of the PNI.

The installation of «Metasequoia Foxy» is devoted to the theme of the sixth extinction of species on the planet against the background of human activity. The exhibition continued the collective project Encyclopedia of Plants. The exhibition participants were asked to overturn the idea of a universal resurrection of the past of the Earth - this time the flora returns to life. 
Curator: Yevgeny Belyakov (self-organization «Tails on»).

The exhibition «Layers of Dunbar» offered viewers to reflect on social relations and to explore the model of their relations with people. How many people do you have around you and how do you build relationships? What changes are happening with the arrival of new and the disappearance of old social bonds? What quality do your social bonds have? 
Curator: Nelly Galias.

«Okay, I’ll think about it» is a group exhibition representing the intention to participate in it. The project is based on the anonymous Open call with the stated theme of «unsolicited letters of large institutions»: many artists are familiar with the state of waiting for an answer, which turns into humility and then into the illusion that «it is normal». Polysemia single-syllable «thank/OK/I’ll think».
Curator: Tina Shibalova. 

The project «Cement II» about double use of materials and multiple meanings of forms. The first exhibition «Cement» was an attempt to demonstrate the equality of all participants: the exhibition space was divided into equal areas of the wall surface, and artists drew lots to take their place.
Curator: Katarina Kano (PARAZIT)
Authors: Alexander Strokov, Alena Tereshko, Anastasia Ivanenkova, Anatoly Pavlov, Andrey Sikorsky, Valeria Alexandrova, Vera Svetlova, Vladimir Kozin, Greta Dimaris, Grigory Mudrov, Dmitry Gerav, Igor Plotnikov, Ivan, Katarina Kolya Sadovnik, Ksyusha Pilipetskaya, Natalia Feofilova-Feting, Tatiana Polje, KAROZICH (Marfa Ragimova, Natasha Cityninkina, Grisha Ponomarenko), Sasha Gleiser, Semyon Motolyanets, Stass Bagsa, Tatyanka Tatyanova, Timika-Emilya, Tim-Yuliyeva.

Within the framework of the exhibition «Brief Guide of Modern Urban Mythology in Pictures and Diagrams» an independent curator of a certain Ada considers street art through the prism of «mythological consciousness» inherent to our ancestors from the Primitive Age. 
Curator: one Ada.
Authors: Pasha Address, Ilya Atom | Bomse crew, Alexey Barkhan (St.-Petersburg), Lubsang (BATO) x Toma_3000 | BATOMA, Abram Dika, Valentin Zhukovsky, Maxim Kitko, Stepan Krasnov | 310, Psykolov, Sergenby, Serge, Sergenby, Serge, Sergei (Serge) Lesha nujelesh Tseglov (Zelenograd), Nikita Etogde (Nizhny Novgorod), 14! | ARBK CREW, 1Muray, Anton Choys, Byyok | Nök, Göat543 (Korolev), Kairo 359, Lasco (France), Lev.Kise (Nizhny Novgorod), Stanv Manoislas (Korolev Dmi), Monkey Wanniy (Israel), Niwem & Niwang, Niwem Nig, Niwem & Nig, Nivan Nif, Niwem & Nif, Niwem Nif (Nif, Nif, Alweg, Mas & Nijr), Alweg (Nifü Nig, Fü & Nifür) (Brazil), Vav.bear.

Exhibit list

  • From November 25 to December 18, the site-specific installation of «Don’t Keep Me» by Kristina Pashkova and Kosti Sickp in the Excise Hall.

  • From November 25 to December 18 the multimedia project «The Reduced Dimension» by Elena Nikitina and Ekaterina Sedykh in the Brodilin Workshop. 

  • From November 25 to December 31, the site-specific project «Coordinates» of the PNI group.

  • From December 23 to January 15 exhibition «Metasequoia foxia» Belyakova Evgenia in the Excise Hall.

  • From December 23 to January 15 exhibition «Layers of Dunbar» Nelly Galias in Brodil Workshop. 

  • From December 23 to January 15 exhibition «OK, I will think about it» Tina Shibalova at the START site.

  • From January 24 to March 8 exhibition «Cement II» of creative association PARAZIT in the Excise Hall.

  • From January 24 till March 8 exhibition «Brief reference of modern urban mythology in pictures and diagrams» in Brodil Workshop.