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15 October — 15 November 2020



A new layer  "WALLS-FORESTS" by the artist PÒPCHENCO has appeared on the WALL. For her work she chose the global problem of death and destruction of forests around the world. 

"The WALLS-FORESTS project is dedicated to one of the main problems of humanity: forest fires that occur to a greater or lesser extent all over the world. The project was approved back in early 2019, and in just a year and a half mankind has again experienced several major forest fires, such as wildfires in Siberia, fires in Australia and California.

This wall is a dedication and a warning about possible consequences, such as the death of all life, so there are no colors on the wall. There are only black and white sides, a desert boundless field of conditional burned trees, which have been transformed into obelisks among the white desert from the ashes, which has no end," - comments PÒPCHENCO its work. 

About the artist

Ekaterina Popchenko, also known as PÒPCHENCO, was born in Moscow in 1995. In 2020 she graduated from the Stroganov Moscow State Academic and Decorative Artists Association. She took part in exhibitions at the MMOMA, the Moscow Union of Artists, and the Stroganov Agricultural Park. From 2020, she is studying at the Rodchenko School. Works in painting techniques, graphics, sculpture, installation and video. In his works PÒPCHENCO considers the feeling of man in society, in nature and the world around him. The artist believes that art should first of all be interesting from a visual point of view, be spectacular and visible through the rhythm, form, color and influence on the emotional state of the viewer.

THE WALL project

Winzavod's Wall project is a free space for dialogue with street art. Each new layer is a new street art project in the main art cluster of the country. Supporting street art during more than ten years of Winzavod's history has become a tradition, the WALL project itself has renewed the layers more than 30 times. Among the authors were the most significant representatives of street and contemporary art, such as Alexey Kallima, CHTAK, Timofey Radya, Pasha 183 and many others.

About curators and partners of the WALL - ARTMOSSPHERE creative association

ARTMOSSPHERE is an independent creative association, an agent of support and development of street art in Russia, the creator and organizer of the Biennale of Street Art of the same name (2014, 2016, 2018), the only international festival in Russia, fully dedicated to street art.

In May 2019 CCA Winzavod together with ARTMOSSPHERE held an open call for participation in the WALL project, which resulted in the selection of 8 artists: Igor Ders, Andrey Saylev, Ivan Simonov (project # small people), Tina Prokhorova (Tinstwin), Philippenzo, Onton Radayev (member of the group of artists Varenye), PÒPCHENCO and Yulia Valuj.

By October 2020 the WALL have already implemented layers of Kirill Who "Paints and time spent on this work would be enough for 10-15 (20-30) canvases, of which 3-6 would be successful", Ders Flava, Philippenzo "Kisses", Ivan Simonov "Netsten", Tina Prokhorova "Stress", Andrey Saylev "It all seems to you", "Signs of the inside" by Anton Radayev.