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4th conference of the Laboratory of art criticism “Drawing”

03 November
15:00 — 18:00
15 Vintage Hall

4th conference of the Laboratory of art criticism “Drawing”


4th conference of the Laboratory of art criticism is dedicated to “Drawing” and will held on November the 3rd from 3 till 6 p.m. in the Vintage Hall of CCA Winzavod.

“Drawing” has become another critical term, submitted for analytical consideration as a subject of the conference of the Laboratory of Art Criticism.

According to Egor Sofronov, curator of the conference: “In contemporary art, drawing is instrumentalized in various artistic practices, and its significance for art differs significantly from its narrowly museum and traditional art understanding. The use of the drawing as a means of cartography, planimetry, navigation, spatial fixation of dynamic changes, and so on, opposes the picture in its expressive pictorial function. In modern drawing, modernist principles of drawing, lattice, and construction are being developed at a new level. 

The philosophy of drawing goes back to Plato's "Timaeus" and through Rousseau, Kant and Heidegger has become today a constructive priority for the perception of various phenomena of modern art, placing their critical reflection in the core of Western metaphysics with its value as a work of art. 

The value of a critical rethinking of drawing today lies in combining the past and present artistic process and creating a sketch of its entire historical picture”.


·       Konstantin Bokhorov "Grapus, Shrigley, Perzhovsky and others"

·       Boris Klyushnikov “Suzanne Treister: tarot, cybernetics and diagrammatic knowledge in art”;

·       Yegor Sofronov “On criticism of the drawing: on its significance in general, as well as on the political and economic urgency”;

·       Anatoly Osmolovsky "ROSTA posters".

Conferences are part of the educational process in the Laboratory of Art Criticism. They take place at the end of each trimester and summarize results of laboratory’s work. 

The Laboratory of Art Criticism (in cooperation with the BAZA Institute) is part of the Winzavod.Education project. The activity of the laboratory is aimed at supporting and developing the school of aesthetic critical thinking in the information space.

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