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Fifth season of Open Studios

17 June — 01 November 2020
5 Open Studios

Fifth season of Open Studios


Open studios are expanding the program

Open studios, which start a new season in June, expand the program: in addition to the traditional areas of "Workshops" and "Pop-up" there will be a project "Open studios +".

The Expert Council, which includes Antonio Dzheuza, Anastasia Karneeva, Alexei Novoselov, Nikolay Palazhchenko, Sofia Trotsenko, Margarita Pushkina and Andrey Parshikov, chose nine young artists: seven in the Workshop programme and two in Pop-up.  

Five young authors were invited to take part in a new programme - "Open Studios+". This is an experimental format that will allow the artists to attend lectures, conduct master classes, participate in special events and exhibitions, and create works conceived within the project in the space of the workshops. 

Sofia Trotsenko, the founder of the Centre for Contemporary Art at Winzavod, talks about the concept of the fifth season:

"This year at the open call we received a lot of good applications. But since the number of seats in the program is limited, not all artists were able to enter the main composition of the Open Studios. So we decided to try to expand the project in an experimental format and allow more artists to become part of it. As a result, 14 artists got a place in the project. Under the circumstances, of course, this is a challenge, but we hope that it will fully justify itself, and soon we will see the results of this great work".

The opening of the season will be held on June 17 in online format with live broadcast on the resources of the CCA with the curator Andrey Parshikov. 

The Expert Council, which included Antonio Dzheuza, Anastasia Karneeva, Alexei Novoselov, Nikolai Palazhchenko, Sofia Trotsenko, Margarita Pushkina and Andrey Parshikov, chose nine young artists: seven in the "Workshop" program and two in the "Pop-up".

The project Open Studios is aimed at supporting young artists, combines the principles of the workshop, residence and art school on the basis of one of the leading Russian art institutes of the Center for Contemporary Art of Winzavod. In 2019 the project consisted of two programs: "Workshop", designed for painters and sculptors who need space for work, and "Pop-up" for artists working with video, performance and installation. An important component of all programs of the project, including "Open Studios+", is the educational direction, as well as the opportunity to work with a tutor, get personal professional advice, participate in collective projects, artist talk and master classes. 

For more information, a detailed description of the programs and conditions of participation, as well as a list of artists participating in the past four years, please visit the Open Studios website.