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Presentation of the new issue of Stasis journal at Winzavod

09 November
15 Vintage Hall

Presentation of the new issue of Stasis journal at Winzavod


Winzavod’s Laboratory of art criticism (with BASA Institute), Anton Syutkin, Yoel Regev, Armen Aramyan, Nikita Sazonov, Artemii Magun and Oksana Timofeeva will present on November 9th a new issue of Stasis#1 2019 journal: «For Deleuze»

The heritage of Gilles Deleuze is in the spotlight today. Many of the theoretical movements that emerged after the materialist turn in continental philosophy have proclaimed Deleuze their predecessor and inspirer. Criticism of all transcendental instances, the rejection of dialectical mediation and the joyful assertion of unlimited immanence have become "common ground" in contemporary thought and far beyond.

However, despite the radical rhetoric and influence on left-wing anti-globalist politics, such popular «delegitimacy» is virtually indistinguishable from the ideology of late capitalism and its inner utopian horizon. Therefore, there is a growing rejection of Deleuze's philosophy among several authors: it is identified either with a cynical justification of the political status quo or with a mystical escape from the real problems of this world.

Still, Deleuze's legacy is worth fighting for. It does not come down to a description and analysis of the ideology of late capitalism and contains the possibility of alternative interpretations that reveal the paradoxical at first glance closeness of Delaise's ideas to political economy, materialistic dialectics and speculative philosophy. It is these interpretations that are the focus of a special issue of Stasis magazine. 

The international journal Stasis is published by the European University in St. Petersburg and publishes articles about socio-political philosophy. The journal's task is to clarify and describe trends in social development in the modern world. The journal is published in Russian and English. Recent topics include "Antiquity and Modernity of Soviet Marxism", "The End of the World", "What to Do with Sex", "Political Theology" and "Legacy of Vladimir Bibikhin".

The project of the Laboratory of art criticism is part of the direction of Winzavod.Education. The activities of the laboratory are aimed at supporting and developing the school of aesthetic critical thinking in the information space.

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