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Open Psycho Workshop

30 November
19:00 — 22:00
5 Open Studios

Open Psycho Workshop

Artists of Open Studios will meet with psychologist Anastasia Zverko and raise questions of self-expression: how they are manifested creatively, which helps and hinders this process. The idea of the meeting is that artists open themselves up to the psychologist and each other, talking about their problems and crisis moments related to their work.

In Open Studios, viewers can usually observe the work of artists, while the creative process of reflection and the conceptual part preceding the work takes place in the artist's head, it is not accessible to the viewer, so the psycho workshop will open the veil to the inner world of artists. The meeting will take place in the form of a dialogue group. In his work, the psychologist will be based on the needs and demands of the participants, so there is no pre-prepared scenario of the work.

The open psycho-studio takes place at the intersection of two disciplines - psychology and art. It would seem that these are different directions of activity and thought, but the importance of the meeting is seen in such a combined format, because in both cases we are talking about a person and his or her manifestations. The works of artists are a kind of speech, an expression of themselves and their worldviews through canvases, objects and installations. Also, every person expresses and manifests himself in a certain way. The task of the psycho workshop is to investigate these formats of expression.

The viewer will have a unique opportunity to be present during the work of the dialogue group. Usually such psychological activities are closed for ethical reasons. In this case, the event will be open and the viewer will be able to observe the process.

The chosen topic is not only relevant for those involved in art. In everyday life, people often have to ask themselves why they have to be shy and feel free to do something, why they want to do or say something, but this is hampered by an internal barrier and, as a consequence, something is missed.

Entrance to the event is free to register