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Open call to the Open Studios
Deadline: 20 september

15 August — 20 September 2019
5 Open Studios

Open call to the Open Studios
Deadline: 20 september


CCA Winzavod announces an open call to the Open Studios.

Deadline: 20 September 2019.

Open studios, launched in 2017, are developing the New Names of the Contemporary Art Support Fund at Winzavod. Participation in the project is an opportunity for talented beginners to immerse themselves in the art system of Moscow, get acquainted with its insiders - gallery owners and artists - at closed meetings, as well as take the first steps in the creative and commercial spheres under the guidance of professionals.

During the previous three seasons of the project, trying out new formats, residents of Open Studios entered into collaboration with designers and perfumers, held lectures, master classes, organized public talks, and organized themselves for external events, such as ArtFemFest "-KA".

Tutor of Open Studios Andrey Parshikov about the concept of the new season:

"In the fourth season, serious changes are coming in the Open Studios. In addition to residents, there will be guests who will not be assigned a permanent seat, but will be allocated a common space, as well as all other features of the project: exhibitions, shows, lectures, meetings, portfolio review. Guests will be responsible for less traditional means of artistic expression: video, performance, sound, dance. In previous seasons, the performative part of the project was rather additional to the exhibition, and the interest of the artists in it is obvious. It is performativity and high level of events that will be the main tasks of the new fourth season of Open Studios of Winzavod".

Stanislav Shuripa, member of the Expert Council of the third season of Open Studios, talks about the project:

"In Open Studios you immediately notice the atmosphere of a lively artistic process; it is always a special feeling when art and life are inseparable, when the interval between the moment of birth of art and its perception by the viewer is minimal.  The artist's studio, traditionally, is not a very public place, even vice versa.  That's why it's so interesting to immerse oneself in the situation of art as a process, to feel its pulse, to see how young artists perceive reality, what they feel, what tasks they set for themselves, and how they solve them". 

The expert council for the 2019 season included Aidan Salakhova, Elena Selina, Valentin Dyakonov, Stanislav Shuripa, Svetlana Marich, Andrey Parshikov and Sofia Trotsenko.

Detailed information about the application form and conditions of participation can be found on the website of Open Studios: 

Applications are accepted from August 15 to September 20, 2019.

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