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New WALL by Matvey Kaef

27 March — 15 May 2021

New WALL by Matvey Kaef

A new WALL will be created by artist Matvey Kaef, who uses paint, brushes, and rollers when working with street surfaces. 

Matvey Kaef: "This method of controlled self-regulation was developed by the doctor-psychotherapist Hasay Aliev, which was approved by the Ministry of Health of the USSR in 1987. It helps a person to recover and relieve stress, treat psychosomatic illnesses, be productive and practice professional skills, as well as to reveal hidden abilities, including creative ones.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is go back to basics. Help Yourself is based on years of experience fr om healers, sages, astrologers and psychologists. This writing is the sign you've been waiting for to begin your big journey toward success, happiness, harmony and well-being".

Matvey was born in Moscow in 1987. His childhood was spent in Ukraine, in the military town of Vladimir-Volynsk, wh ere he spent much of his time sitting upright on a chestnut tree. Sometimes he painted, sometimes on the walls. In the mid-nineties Matvey returned to Moscow and studied Russian lacquer miniatures in college and drew even more. Without going to university, Matvey learns the absurdity of military service and, after the army, peddles matryoshkas on the street like a real "street person." 

Realizing the importance of the elusive moment, Matvey joined the "Holy Lightning" unit and began actively searching for the "undiscovered," trying to meet "people in dirty clothes."