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Final exhibition of the sixth season of Winzavod Open Studios

18 September — 30 September 2021
5 Open Studios

Final exhibition of the sixth season of Winzavod Open Studios


Winzavod's open studios will become a platform for a series of unique performances. A field for experimentation - bodily practices, a prologue to African fairy tales and dance.

From September 16 to September 30, the final exhibition of the sixth season of the Open Studios project will be held at Winzavod. The project participants, artists Alisa Gorelova, Ksenia Poparenko, Katya Mordvinkina, Liza Veselova, Angelica Gomiashvili, Katya Yatsenko, Yulia Arsen, Diana Kapizova and Nadya Chernova will present attributes, photo and video documentation of performances, participatory practices and the performance.

This time the curator, teacher and artist Alina Gutkina became the mentor of the project. She worked with residents around the topic of corporeality and processuality, building her practice on the boundaries of theater and performance. In the sixth season, artists came who were in one way or another interested in theater, dance, so the emphasis of the educational program was made precisely on interdisciplinarity and laboratory quality.

The leitmotif was the prologue of African fairy tales: “I am going to tell you a story. It is a lie. But not everything in it is false. " The ideas of sensuality and personal fragility, routine and care, closeness and corporality, aggression, femininity and masculinity, the relationship between man and nature were reflected in the works of the artists.

Alina Gutkina, mentor of the sixth season:

“The participants shift the emphasis on the practice itself, linguistic interaction, actualizing their knowledge, their method. Consciously avoiding "immobility", they model situations and spaces, invite to a meeting, call to "stay" and move only towards themselves and only intuitively.

For the majority, a performative turn is a kind of “challenge”, a new bodily practice, a re-actualization of one's own artistic expression. This unique subjective experience of each individual is linked into one story about repetitions and simplifications, ritual frames and homologies, rhythm and time "here".

To me, as an artist, repetition seems to be the main leitmotif that comes through all the practices of the residents. Reproducing ourselves through our own patterns, repeating repetitions, outlining familiar circles with movements, we make our way along the closed corridor of our own awareness. And this is the path from a human safari to a close-knit community, a space of care and resource corporeality. "

The sixth season of Open Studios kicked off on June 10, 2021. The artists were chosen by an expert council, which included: curators Andrei Parshikov, Simon Mraz, Agniya Mirogorodskaya and Alexey Maslyaev, mentor Alina Gutkina, founder of the Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod Sofia Trotsenko and collector Sergei Limonov.


Open Studios is a project to support young artists (within the framework of the strategic direction New Names), which combines the principles of a workshop, residence and an art school based on Winzavod. For three months, nine participants attended lectures, (improved their skills) at master classes, conducted artist-tokens and developed their own projects in the Open Studios space.

The studios were launched in 2017. During this time, such project alumni as Mika Plutitskaya, Misha Bury, Nika Chernyaeva, Rina Efanova, Liza Neklessa, Hasmik Melkonyan, Natalia Gudovich, Misha Goodwin, Ivan Simonov, Slava ATRK have become participants in the Russian art scene.

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Liza Veselova - Untitled video performance is built around zeroing the perception of the beat as a symbol of aggression and toxic masculinity

Angelica Gomiashvili - the performative installation “Cat's Cradle” is an attempt to find a space of care and consolation, to protect personal fragility in the modern world.

Nadya Chernova - participatory practice of lullaby invites to explore the political and feminine sayings.

Katya Yatsenko - speculative laboratory “Listen to how your roots sprout” is dedicated to finding the relationship between people and plants.

Diana Kapizova - performance by the group "Migration Agency Dipnoi" (Dipnoi is the Latin name for lungfish) invites you to remember the state of being under water and prepare for the transition to the world of the silence of the seabed.

Ksenia Poparenko, a performance that combines performance, theater and cinema, explores the understanding of intimacy through work with attention to inner sensations.

Julia Arsen - “Know-how” performance refers to the desire to feel and merge with something greater, to overcome the boundaries between us and others, to be more focused, sensual and less scattered and confused.

Katya Mordvinkina - the performance “Flexibility Preparing to Jump” addresses a new perception of familiar, usually background situations, inviting viewers to ground and assert themselves in the “extra ordinary”.

Alisa Gorelova - the performance is dedicated to digital corporeality, the renunciation of the micro-meanings of the analog world and the return to pure corporeality.