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Faces&Laces Locals: Black Market

25 September — 26 September 2021
21 Big Wine Storage

Faces&Laces Locals: Black Market

Faces & Laces announces the program and the first names of the concert program of the anniversary series of events, which will take place on September 26 at the Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod with the support of MegaFon. Guests will find many events fr om local participants, and on September 25-26 - a large-scale offline project Faces & Laces Locals: Black Market.

The concert program of the event will be presented with the support of MegaFon. The first artists announced were MAYOT and SEEMEE, one of the key members of the MELON MUSIC association. The broadcast of the speeches can be viewed live on the partner's social networks. Viewers will also enjoy interviews with artists and panel discussions.

Follow the updates of the music program on the Faces & Laces social networks and on the website.

The flagship project Faces & Laces Locals: Black Market will occupy the entire territory of the Great Wine Storage Center of the Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod. On September 25 and 26, guests of the event will have the opportunity to gain access to a selection of the best local brands and associations, which will present current collections in a single space. Additional individual discounts and privileges will apply to season ticket holders. Among the participants there are more than 40 local brands, including Kruzhok, Yunost, Anton Lisin Russia, Sputnik 1985 and many others.

The music and educational program Faces & Laces Locals: Black Market will be presented by the brand Dr. Martens. As part of the Boot Camp project, on September 25 and 26, panel discussions aimed at immersing the audience in the local music industry will await guests, and a concert program from the participants of the planned sessions.

The energy drink Adrenaline Rush, as part of the #MoreAllNado campaign, will present a special space and an audiovisual installation. It will allow guests of the event to plunge into the kaleidoscope of feelings of the project's heroes - musician and visual artist i61, photographer Anton Reva and snowboarder / tattoo artist Anton Borodachev. The brand also announces an open call for artists and designers on visualization of the word ENERGY, and at the end of the event, a merch will be released, created in collaboration with the project participants.

You can get acquainted with the full program at the link.

2GIS is the official navigation partner of Faces & Laces. Especially for the project, the geoservice created a map of key places in Moscow from the program of the anniversary series of events Faces & Laces 2021

You can get acquainted with all the participants in the Faces & Laces 2021 series of events on the website. The entrance to the concert program and Faces & Laces Locals: Black Market, which will be held at the Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, will be in the COVID-free format.



For all questions, you can contact the PR service Faces & Laces:

Iva Ostistaya,, +7 (926) 491-28-75

Artur Sargsyan,, +7 (966) 026-22-22

Daniil Ilyin,, +7 (916) 861-59-79

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O Faces & Laces:

Faces & Laces is an interactive exhibition project dedicated to current street fashion and sports, subcultures, custom culture, visual communication and alternative contemporary art in Russia. The exhibition project annually brings together the best local representatives in the segment of streetwear, profile industry and subcultural trends.

The main exhibitors are local and foreign clothing brands, distributors, retailers, designers, artists, D.I.Y. enthusiasts and creative associations. Each participant presents at the exhibition a previously thought out project taking into account the current concept of Faces & Laces. Traditionally, at Faces & Laces, each participant absolutely freely expresses his point of view within the framework of the exhibition concept with the help of well-thought-out projects, installations and stands, shares with the audience his latest collections, ideas, developments, the history of their creation, philosophy, ideology and current view of the market. In fact, the exhibition is a thematic visual symposium with a full range of opportunities for communication between the audience, specialized media and commercial participants in a relaxed and communicative atmosphere.

The main task of Faces & Laces is to demonstrate exclusively prepared projects and content that can show the audience the latest trends in the local subcultural and alternative environment in the most believable and objective way, wh ere fashion, contemporary art, sports and music intersect and actively interact.