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The ninth season of the Winzavod Open Studios

21 February — 31 August 2023
С6 Open Studios

The ninth season of the Winzavod Open Studios

On February 21, the ninth season of the Winzavod Open Studios started.

Participants of the new season are: Sasha Puchkova, Vitaly Turlik, FARANGIZ Ra, Vivato Eka, Denia Kuzma, Sayan Baygaliev, Mara Pilyasin, Danya Pirogov, Marina Koshlina.

Season mentor Lera Kononchuk will focus with residents on working with different artistic methodologies. Season motives: research art and the embodiment of knowledge in a situation of hybridization of artistic strategies. 

"Artists tend to address socially important themes in their works, to find ways to translate sharp social, theoretical and significant everyday issues into the plane of indirect experience.
However, this experience and the reflections associated with it are sometimes produced not so much by the development of the topic as by the very vague nature of artistic objects and practices, their opacity. Can we speak about knowledge in this case? If so, what is the nature of this knowledge? And what can work with different artistic methodologies give in this sense?"

Among the invited speakers, in addition to active participants in the artistic environment, are curators, artists and theorists who practice an interdisciplinary approach and question the boundaries of artistic expression and humanitarian research. 

Members of the Expert Council of the ninth season of the Open Studios - Director and founder of the Syntax Gallery Elvira Tarograd; Founder of Winzavod Center of Contemporary Art Sophia Trotsenko; art critic, curator of the Foundation V-A-C Andrei Parshikov; curator, Cultural Scientist, Head of the Scientific and Methodical Department of MMOMA Alexey Maslyaev; Artist, Curator, Architect of Exhibition Spaces, Director of Gallery-Workshop of GROUND Solyanka, Art Director of Festival «Voxa-Fest - 2023» Ekaterina Bochavar. 

Open studios of Winzavod are part of the strategic direction of New Names, aimed at professional support and development of artists. The project combines the principles of the workshop, residence and art school on the basis of one of the leading Russian art institutions Winzavod Center of Modern Art. Residents of Open Studios have the opportunity to work with mentor, receive personal professional advice, participate in collective projects, artist talks and master classes.