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Masha Aligozhina
Artist talk

16 October
19:30 — 21:00
5 Open Studios

Masha Aligozhina
Artist talk


Open studios is a project launched by the Foundation for Support of Contemporary Art Winzavod as part of the strategic direction "Winzavod. New Names". It offers young artists a large-format platform for creativity, an actual educational program, an opportunity to integrate into a professional environment. 

The fifth season of the project started on June 10, 2020 and gathered 14 participants. To the existing programs "Workshop" and "Pop-up" added "Open Studios +", which were created to support an even greater number of both beginners and already known talented artists.

During the current season, not only the educational program was strengthened, but also there were additional opportunities for individual and group statements - festivals, lectures, excursions, presentations.

One of the blocks of the program became artist talks - open lectures-discussions, which are held by artists in a free format and give the opportunity to sharpen the skills of public speaking and self-presentation, as well as communicate with a wide audience. As part of this project, lectures by Nika Chernyaeva, Katya Gerasimenko, Vanya Simonov, and Misha Goodwin have already been held.

On October 16, Masha Aligozhina will give a lecture at the Studio lecture hall. During the presentation # where to buy a costume of the artist Masha will tell about her existence inside art. She will consider on her example the process of formation of a young artist in the sphere of contemporary art in Russia and answer the question whether today an artist can exist in the format "The artist himself is an institution himself".

"Over the last few months spent in Open Studios, I have become more acute than before to feel like an artist, now I want to record this process and analyze this phase. I would like to tell about what has happened to me during this dashing year and what artistic plans are spinning in my head," Masha comments.