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Art Shuffle 1.0.

24 November — 15 January 2021

Art Shuffle 1.0.


At the end of the turbulent 2020 BIS ART Gallery shuffles the creativity of all the artists in the gallery. 

The presented artists differ from each other in their artistic style and outlook, and different life experiences and backgrounds, but they are all united by identity and recognizable style. Deep portraits of Mamuka Didebashvili, painted with thoughtful and intellectual approach of the artist, are a combination of traditions of multi-layer painting technique and perfectionism of old masters and bright modern colors. Along with the paintings, Mamuka is attracted by Romanose's vision and phantasmagoria, whose bizarre and often very candid images are born in the course of transcendental meditations. 

Marina Lizorkina's works can be fully appreciated only in real life, as her "petals technique" creates interesting optical illusions. The pulsating and emotional abstraction of Polina Zaremba and the calm structured color of her father, Eugene Zaremba, can be felt quite differently in real life; otherwise, the meditative and elegant abstraction of Asi Bagaeva can be felt. 

For the first time in BIS ART (and at Vinzavod too) new artists Anna Zolotukhina and Anton Pashutkin are presented. The brightness of Zolotukhina's palette attracts as well as masterfully painted details of her surrealistic paintings on the theme of eco-crisis. Pashutkin invites you to plunge into the world of his personal experiences through the prism of his art. Young Vangranda clings to the expressiveness of street art and a heap of symbols and images.