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From digital anonymity to social revolutions

28 November
19:00 — 20:30
15 Vintage Hall
23 pop/off/art gallery

From digital anonymity to social revolutions

On November 28 at 19:00, in the framework of Vladimir Potapov's exhibition "Kirill Blagolepov, 32, Moscow" a round table "From Digital Anonymity to Social Revolutions" will be held in the Vintage Hall at Vintage Plant.

The digital category has become an integral part of our lives, penetrating into all spheres of human activity - using the mechanisms of political agitation on the Internet, online exhibitions, simplifying basic economic processes and social relations, while leaving behind virtual debts and digital cemeteries. Today, the boundaries of ethical norms are constantly expanding, new questions are being raised about the boundaries of what is acceptable in the work with artificial intelligence, about how the Internet has changed our everyday lives, and what future awaits us.

The interdisciplinary nature of the exhibition, which includes paintings, interactive installation and video, suggests a versatile view of the phenomenon of anonymity on the network. The exhibition dedicated to the fake account will include a discussion of the current digital agenda, the infinite possibilities offered by the Internet and the need to regulate its development.


Kirill Martynov is a Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor at the School of Philosophy of the National Research University Higher School of Economics. Specialist in modern political theories, analytical philosophy and sociology; journalist, publicist, translator and blogger.

Vladimir Potapov is a Russian artist and curator, teacher of creative workshops at the New Tretyakov Gallery. Nominee of a number of prestigious awards, participant of the largest biennale and international fairs.

Meeting moderator: Valery Anashvili - editor-in-chief of the publishing house of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, editor-in-chief of "Pushkin" magazine and "Logos" magazine.

(Participation of other speakers is approved).