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90's, 00's, today: art and fashion together and apart

02 June
19:00 — 21:00
15 Vintage Hall

90's, 00's, today: art and fashion together and apart

Winzavod presents a research project Art and Fashion, dedicated to the forum of the fashion industry Be In Open.

We say modern art is a twilight zone for fashion. But twenty years ago the situation looked different. In the nineties, when the totalitarian imagery collapsed and the horizon became endless, fashion and art developed as a symbiosis of possibilities: all imaginative systems, trends, strategies existed simultaneously on art venues and shows in the basements of nightclubs.

00's, together with glamor and gloss, produced a symbolic separation of fashion and art into industry and system, but in fact did not leave an obvious image or symbol. The last decade distinguishes experiment and attempts to see each other in one professional field. Young artists and designers are looking for a field for dialogue.

Winzavod becomes such a place both in the institutional and in the physical space.

In the framework of the discussion will affect three decades:

- 90's: symbiosis and trash. That is how the ninetieth memories and documentation are visible from the events of twenty years. To fix, clarify, mark - the first discussion with the participation of direct participants in the process should identify the context, problem and perspective.

- 00's: there is no future. Along with the crisis and sobriety, fashion houses were found, fashion designers decided and created small but bright brands. Model agencies, the first stores of Russian designers, Russian Fashion Week and Mercedes Fashion Week.

- Rebirth: art again. We invite the most diverse representatives of culture and art at the same time: punk, graffiti, independent art - everything that inspires the last ten years and us.

The list of speakers is specified, stay tuned.

Cover: Yasha Kazhdan, project "Peer Gynt". Alexey Dmitrenko and Alexander Korpukhov in the costumes of Per Gunt. Photo by Oleg Shagapov, St. Petersburg, 1999