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The series of lectures about hip-hop culture

06 October — 27 October 2019

The series of lectures about hip-hop culture


The series of lectures on the topic of foreign and domestic research in the field of hip-hop culture from young speakers and novice rap artists. The lecture course includes: an overview of the history of hip-hop culture and the main directions of the research; discussion of issues related to: representation of African-American and youth identities in hip-hop, ethnic manifestations in Russian hip-hop, “Black theology” in hip-hop culture, the phenomenon of rap battles as a special form of literary manifestation in the 21st century. Also an analysis of the work of Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, 2Pac, Eminem, "The Public Enemy", Oxxymiron, Scriptonite, Maslo chernogo tmina and others.

Lecture Program:

October 6, 19:00. Lecture №1. Introductory. Hip-hop culture: Black nationalism and the Black god. 2Pac. Speakers: Davydova Maria and Limonov Nikolay.

October 9, 19:00. Lecture №2. Ethnicity and hip-hop in modern Russia. Hip Hop and Islam. Speakers: Zaitseva Alexandra and Davydova Maria.

October 13, 19:00. Lecture №3. Hip Hop and Black Theology: Black Jesus and Kanye West. Speakers: Davydova Maria and Shchetinkin Matvey.

October 20, 19:00. Lecture №4. The subject and methods of its representation in the hip-hop culture of Russia and the USA (about rappers Husky, Kendrick Lamar, "The Public Enemy" and others). Speakers: Guseva Svetlana and Davydova Maria.

October 27, 19:00. Lecture №5. Poetics of rap battles: "Gorgorod" by Oxxymiron and the work of Eminem as a literary phenomenon of the 21st century. Speakers: Kuznetsova Hariesa and Limonov Nikolay.