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Open discussion "Post-no art: reality and virtuality today"

26 April
15 Vintage Hall

Open discussion "Post-no art: reality and virtuality today"

Open discussion "Post-no art: reality and virtuality today", timed to the exhibition of Lyuda Kalinichenko <500> METERS_ONLINE at the START site, will be held in the Vintage Hall of the CIC Winzavod on April 26 at 19:30.

In the course of an open discussion, the speakers will discuss the subject of human existence in the physical and virtual worlds and will talk about topical issues of post-no art. Participants will also talk about the state of contemporary art in the regions, and in the end will touch upon the theme of ecology in art and tell about the features of the artistic techniques used by the author in the project.

In her installation, the artist from Yekaterinburg Lyuda Kalinichenko reflects on the phenomenon of garbage - the physical trace left by a person in the real world. For more than two years, Luda has been collecting the waste she accumulated during her time spent online. With the help of this documentation, the artist explores two spatial dimensions in which a person lives today: real and virtual.


Olga Deriugina is an artist, curator and author of texts about art.

Lyudmila Kalinichenko is the artist of the START project.

Alisa Prudnikova is the commissioner of the 4th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Vera Trachtenberg (moderator) is the curator of the START project.

Natalia Fuchs - curator, executive director of the Center for Contemporary Art WINZAVOD.