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Maxim Muratov
How to read fashion in the era of turbulence

27 April
14:00 — 15:00
Е6 Vintage Hall

Maxim Muratov
How to read fashion in the era of turbulence


Why is the era now in such visual frustration? We are witnessing a change of cultural dominants. Camp becomes mainstream. Streetvir - luxury. Sincerity - the engine of commerce. Clothing has ceased to be just clothing - it is built around its meanings, stories, concepts, which enter the territory of art, cinema, and literature. Global virtualization has expanded the boundaries of a fashionable product - now things and the book are not enough - we need content in social networks, native, sincere, attracting attention and telling stories.

Thanks to the development of social networks, fashion today comes from the bottom. Therefore, it is almost not limited to the framework of trends - the dictates of the largest brands. Being unable to dictate conditions, they are chasing modernity, endlessly collaborating with local heroes.

The old system collapses and builds up a new one - this is a hectic process, the culture is in a state of turbulence. Everyone is looking for a new beauty, a new aesthetics, and no one is limited in the choice of expressive means. Because of this aesthetic freedom, a fashionable product becomes complicated and, therefore, its perception becomes more complicated.

BE IN OPEN fashion editor Maxim Muratov in his lecture will tell you how to navigate in modern times and read the interdisciplinary concepts of designers.

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