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Lesya Prokopenko, Egor Rogalev
To criticism of environmental aesthetics

19 January
19:00 — 21:00
5 Open Studios

Lesya Prokopenko, Egor Rogalev
To criticism of environmental aesthetics

The laboratory of Art Criticism will open the year with two lectures - the researcher, curator Lesia Prokopenko and the artist Egor Rogalev. Both authors address the issue of environmental awareness and strive to invent languages, aesthetic and critical, updating approaches in accordance with the challenges of a global environmental crisis.

The researcher and curator Lesya Prokopenko from Kiev, the author of the translation of Felix Guattari’s book “Three Ecologies”, will tell about the concepts and lessons of this text in the era of natural exhaustion and the need to respond to art and criticism of the problem.

Prokopenko precedes his lecture with the following statement: “Thirty years ago, Felix Guattari published a book, the significance of which will only grow in the coming years. Its central axis is a multidimensional concept of eco-philosophy, an “ethical-aesthetic” project that Guattari developed, based both on achievements and discoveries in work with the sphere of psychic, and on sometimes disappointing experience of political activism. Overcoming the crisis requires, first of all, reinventing the ways of producing subjectivity: “Now more than ever, nature is inseparable from culture, and we need to learn how to transversely think of the connection between ecosystems, the mechanosphere, and individual and social universals of reference”.

The artist Egor Rogalev, who works in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the author of performative and textual interventions in the spaces of art, sound, ontology and ecology (for example, “Ginnungagap” in 2017) will present artistic performance on environmental sensuality and queer / creep art without exceptions. The artist will present new studies developed in his previous works in upcoming projects.
A new project of “ecological susceptibility” exists at the intersection of various disciplines: modern ecological concepts, queer theory, decolonial anthropology and neurophilosophy.

After the lectures, there will be a discussion with the participation of Svetlana Baskova, Boris Klyushnikov, Anatoly Osmolovsky and members of the Laboratory of Art Criticism.
Moderator — Egor Sofronov.

Entrance to the event is free by registration: