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Sofya Shapkina
113 years of Israeli art

19 July
19:30 — 21:00
6 [zurzum] cafe

Sofya Shapkina
113 years of Israeli art


The uniqueness of this lecture is that it is not part of a cycle, it cannot be found in the Internet space and is unlikely to be possible.

In the lecture, we will look at how it all began when even the country of Israel was not yet.

What movements in art were and with what they were connected, let us note the classics of Israeli art, analyze innovative solutions in art (kinetic art) and architecture (international style), recall Soviet aliyah and its most resonant figures

Today in Russia they are just starting to learn about the art of Israel. Israel is the youngest country (71 years old), the most democratic in the Middle East. The region is rich in history, political wars and religious strife, a country of milk and honey, innovative technologies and Middle Eastern cuisine. A country that combines the traditions and mentality of all the peoples of the world - created the groundwork for an absolute unique art, where the techniques of an academic school argue with the conceptual objectives of the West in the mid-20th century.

-Who and why founded the most important university of art in the Middle East?

-Cultural migration. As repatriates from around the world defended their artistic views.

-What sculptor can you see today in the frame with Lady Gaga and who makes the video for U2?

At the lecture, we will discuss how the international art community perceives Israeli art and analyze the formation of the phenomenon of "Israeli art."

Please note that the number of seats is limited!

The ticket price is 1500 rubles when paid on the website, and 1750 rubles immediately before the event.

The ticket price includes a welcome glass of wine.