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Exhibition festival SOSTAV and ETOPIA

01 May — 15 May 2021
14 Red Hall

Exhibition festival SOSTAV and ETOPIA

Fr om May 1 to May 15, the exhibition festival SOSTAV and ETOPIA will be held in the Red Hall at Winzavod.

The SOSTAV Gallery operates in online and offline formats. The first exhibition develops the theme of utopianism. The focus of the presented works is the works of street art artists working with mediums of painting and photography. Among others, the exhibition will be attended by artists Etock, TAIRI and STAS YARKO.

ETOPIA is a print / media project by the artist Etock, featuring his work in the field of street art. Etock is a Moscow-based artist who explores street aesthetics. Etock combines street art, painting and silk-screening in its artistic practice. At the exhibition, the author will present works fr om the long-term ETOPIA project and present his fifth zine of the same name, which contains photographs from a trip to Berlin and footage of underground Moscow.

TAIRI is a street artist from St. Petersburg who experiments with tattoo and silk-screen printing. The main motive with which all areas of his work are connected are streets: they inspire and nourish the artist with new ideas, forms and stylistics. Tairi loves to get tattoos in non-standard conditions - these are places associated with his life hobbies: drawing, penetration into places hidden for the general public, for example, palaces-wells or roofs. At the ETOPIA exhibition, the artist plans to get some tattoos for everyone.

STAS YARKO - artist and documentary photographer: “I have devoted about ten years to the study of the metro. Initially, I got into the subway with the aim of drawing pictures on carriages, but at some point I realized that in this whole process, drawing is not the most important thing for me. The world of the metro has captured its atmosphere and secrets. It became interesting to me just to get to new places. Although the main part of the metro is the same tunnels in each section, there are always special locations hidden from the eyes of ordinary people: ventilation shafts that come to the surface, connecting tunnels, dead ends wh ere trains are mostly parked at night, exit cameras. The greatest interest among all this is caused by civil defense facilities, military communication centers, bomb shelters, laboratories and diesel substations wh ere there are giant ship diesel engines, which in an emergency will supply the metro lines with electricity. " Within the framework of the SOSTAV™ ETOPIA project, Stas will show his photographs taken with film cameras.

Event partners: Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, Not Found Gallery, Embily, Montana cans