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Liza Neklessa, Arina Efanova
This world is not invented by us: women's word and gender agenda

24 January — 26 January 2020
5 Open Studios

Liza Neklessa, Arina Efanova
This world is not invented by us: women's word and gender agenda

The festival "This world is not invented by us: women's word and gender agenda" will be held at the Open Studios and Pop-up Space of the Winzavod fr om 24 to 26 January.

The festival is organized by residents of the Winzavod Open Studios Liza Neklessa and Arina Efanova. The project is part of the direction Winzavod. New names, - an opportunity for artists and painters to self-organize, to present a range of personal interests and to complement their own artistic statement.

"This world was not invented by us: women's word and gender agenda" will raise the issue of connection of language practices with the position of women in society. The festival will include a poetry evening, a feminist cafe, performances and an educational programme.

Artists from the Open Studios will give lectures that will highlight the issues of women's writing, the problems of the conventional use of the term "love" and other important aspects of modern word usage that are at the heart of the current gender policy.

The performances will be presented by Lyuba Sautina, a resident of the current season's pop program, and Alena Fedotkina, a resident of the third season. Luba Soutina will present the performance "Native Speech" and will conduct a tour of the Open Studios of Winery in the image of a mother as a subject of speech development of the child: the participants of the performance will take on the role of children in the period of pre-speech development, and Luba Soutina will introduce them to contemporary art in the Studios with the help of verbal and non-verbal components of speech.

Alyona Fedotkina will present "Certificate", a performance during which the artist will issue a huge certificate with a medical prohibition on embroidery.

On a poetry evening in the Open Studios, the authors will gather to present a slice of Russian feminist poetry. Visitors will be able to walk along a pre-designed route and get acquainted with the variety of topics raised by the poets.

The final event of the festival will be a dinner party - a feminist cafe, wh ere everyone can try dishes that meet their personal request: stress, apathy, painful menstruation, unwanted pregnancy and other uncomfortable conditions. The dishes in each set are based on medicinal herbs, which are used in pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine.

About the project

Open studios, launched in 2017, are developing support for young artists at Winzavod. In a comfortable creative environment for work, project residents immerse themselves in a professional art environment; viewers watch the creation of works online; collectors get acquainted with future stars even at the stage of their formation.

Over the four seasons of the project, the artists have collaborated with designers and perfumers, initiated master classes, lectures, film screenings, as well as external events and festivals - a party of Studios "Culture in the Cube" at the Sretenka House, a festival of contemporary art in Afimall. Residents of the project participate in major events of Winzavod - vernissage evenings in galleries, openings of exhibitions, festivals and interdisciplinary projects.

Along with their active work in studios, artists and painters represent contemporary Russian art abroad - thanks to the international activities of Winzavod Foundation. In 2019 the project participants visited the foreign residences of Griffin Gallery in the UK and GCF in Korea.