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ArtFemFest "-KA"

26 July — 28 July 2019
5 Open Studios

ArtFemFest "-KA"


Open studios of Winzavod will hold the first ArtFemFest "-KA" about women in art

Dates: 26-28 July 2019
Location: Winzavod pop-up space (Fermentation Hall)

The first festival ArtFemFest "-KA", organized by the artists of the Open Studios of Winzavod, will rethink the role of women in contemporary art and for three days will present works on the theme of equality in the art community, femininity and masculinity, gender identity in the art environment.

The program of the festival includes: an exhibition, public currents from the Center "Sisters" and the company "Apparently invisible", a round table with Katya Bochavar, Daria Delaunay, Alina Kryukova, concerts Sherlock Blonde, the band "Monthly" and "Shame", a master class from the artist Tanya Klat, as well as a showroom with brands created by women for women and femme-match.



13:00-14:30: Opening of the festival. Excursions from participants and organizers.
15:00-17:00: Captured bodies and their surroundings. Public talkabout the creation of an art therapy project in a women's penal colony for minors.
17:00-18:30: The medium and the message: Jewellery as a way to protest. Public talk with the team on March 9 (Masha Starikova, Bella Antonio, Katja Rabei and Sasha Pavlovskaya).
19:00-20:00: Experience: American journalist in Moscow. Public talk with The Moscow Times journalist Loretta Marie Perera.
20:00-21:20: 4 women/4 film. Showing films by the American artist Cynthia Madansky. 
21:20-23:00: Sherlock Blonde concert.


12:00-13:00: A woman's voice. Public talk with the artist Masha Ivanova and the creators of the feminist winter "Women's voice".
13:00-14:30: Gender Studies. Lecture on gender issues in psychology from psychologist and defectologist Natalia Kryukova, specialists in age psychology, pathology and personality psychology.
15:00-17:00: And this is a part of me. Tanya Klyat's master class on working with images of a woman's body and creating an art object "Oyster". Registration: 
17:00-18:30: How social norms fuel gender-based violence. Public current Victoria Stetsko, coordinator of the company "Apparently invisible".
19:00-20:00: Help is nearby. Public talk of the independent charity Sisters Center for Sexual Assault Survivors.
20:00-21:00: "SHE IS US. A performance of four actresses - Natalia Anisimova, Olga Vinichenko, Maria Denkova and Ekaterina Finevich - based on the play "Vagina Monologues" by Yves Enclair. Registration:


14:00-15:00: Violence.No. Public talk with Anna Rivina, director of the Center for work with the problem of violence "".
15:00-17:00: "Girl's grief"/"Not guilty". Round table with the groups of Shame/Whore/Marketing on the promotion of femme themes in music and life of heralds bands, on the creation of the festival "Not to blame".
17:00-18:30: "Forbidden theme". Reading a documentary play about women who have had abortions. Author of the play and director - Anna Brandush.
19:00-21:00: "-Ka: women in art". Round table with artist and curator Ekaterina Bochavar, art director of "Vedomosti" Daria Delone, Alina Kryukova (Astra Lab), Olga Eliseeva (White Room Foundation), Daria Sabelnikova (founder of the project betweenwindows). Registration:
21:00-22:00: Not only Yoko. Performances by Varvara Grankova and Rosemary loves a blackberry "Red Voice", by Gali Lappo "To have a sense of humor and a good genotype". Music from: TRITTICO, HOME ANIMAL, 33. And also a performance by Lidia Russkova. 
22:00-23:30: Concert of the band "Shame". 

During all three days in between events (14:30-15:00, 17:00-17:30, 18:30-19:00, 20:00-20:30) it will be possible to listen to Anna Rotaenko's audio-installation of "Resistance Techniques". 

Alyona Fedotkina, Olesya Lavrinenko, Lisa Stormit, Varvara Grankova, Katya Garkushko, Daria Neretina, Cynthia Madansky, Kirill Kto, Lisa Neklessa, Masha Ivanova, Olga Deryugina, "Margaritki" art-group, Tanya Klyat, Anna Brandush, "Pozory" group, Andrey Andreev, Natalia Gudovich, Otocyon, Elena Minayeva, Vladimir Kartashov, Hasmik Melkonyan, Kristina Strunkova, forkingsonly, Anna Rotaenko, "Roy" group, Elena Lyapina, Gala Izmailova, 9 March, Lidia Russkova, Saida Sattarova, Lisa Neklessa, Rosemary loves a Blackberry, Maria Subbotina, Anna Phobia, Tipatsekha, Sherlock Blonde, Janina Chernykh, Lyuba Sautina, Ksenia Plisova, Natalia Nikulenkova and others.

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