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Ekaterina Muromtseva
Tough Men's Portrait

10 September — 15 October 2019
20 XL Gallery

Ekaterina Muromtseva
Tough Men's Portrait

On September 10, the XL Gallery is opening an exhibition of Moscow artist Ekaterina Muromtseva "Tough Men's Portrait". The name of the exhibition is a quote of the hero of the video work presented in the exposition: his words are devoted to the painting, the process of creation of which formed the basis of the film. 

The central character of the video by Ekaterina Muromtseva is a real person, tennis coach and amateur artist. Shooting took several months and took place in the studio of the hero, where he worked on an important and special, in his own opinion, work. In fact, the documentary film in the gallery's space begins to play with new colors and raises important questions for the audience about art and personal creativity, as well as about the assessments, which are involuntarily assigned to the work thanks to its key image.

Ekaterina Muromtseva (born 1990 in Moscow) is an artist who graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Lomonosov Moscow State University School. Rodchenko. Personal exhibitions were held at the former Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2016) and the XL Gallery (2017, 2018); she also participated in the project "Dear viewers" at the Garage Museum of Modern Art (2018). Exhibitor of group exhibitions, including the Styrian Autumn Festival (Graz, Austria, 2018) and the F\Stop Festival (Leipzig, Germany, 2016). Resident of the Garage Workshops (2019). Lives and works in Moscow. 

The exhibition will last until October 15.