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Exhibition of Ten Artists
Women's business

05 March — 14 April 2019
22 Totibadze Gallery

Exhibition of Ten Artists
Women's business

In the gallery Totibadze will host the exhibition "Women's Business". 10 project artists will present works of a round or oval shape - in the form of a traditional embroidery hoop.

Embroidery on the embroidery frame is an ancient type of traditional handicrafts, in the past it is one of the almost obligatory skills of women from different walks of life, the possibility of leisure, self-expression and a kind of prowess of a decent girl. Today, this technique is used without the narrative of traditional values, and the life of girls and women has undergone a number of serious changes, as a result of which the skills and abilities are not directly related to the gender of a person. The curator of the exhibition, Marina Tsurtsumia, suggested that artists meet with tradition in a modern context, which makes it possible to talk about boundaries in women's art and to express the idea of ​​each author as expressively as possible. The circle is a symbol of infinity, perfection and completeness; it cuts off sharp corners, narrows the field of view, but focuses the view.

In the project "Women's Business" in the gallery Totibadze take part: Lisa Olshanskaya, Tanya Sergeeva, Olga Florenskaya, Katya Florenskaya, Ira Totibadze, Natasha Arendt, Nino Bilikhodze, Anna Chugunova, Anna Altabaeva, Elena Pintal.

In the framework of the artist's hoops, they drew and embroidered industrial landscapes, kitchen sketches, tablecloth ornaments and abstract graphics. Each project participant pays tribute to his observations about the modern world.

The exhibition will open on March 5 at 19:00.