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Miyoung Kim
Meeting in time

02 August — 06 August 2019
22 The Fermenting Cellar

Miyoung Kim
Meeting in time

Opening of the exhibition will take place on August 2 at 19:00.

In the pop-up space of Winzavod (Brodilnyi Sekh) opens the exhibition "Meeting in time" of South Korean artist Miyoung Kim - international resident of the project Open studios. During her stay at the residence, the artist worked with anonymous photo archives and studied the cultural contexts of the city.

The curator of the exhibition and tutor of the Open Studios, Andrei Parshikov, says that "the creative method of Miyoung Kim's work is based on anonymous narratives, fragments of words and images, performative practices and collaborations. She creates bilingual performances, mudblocks of photographs and ornaments, sequences of images generated in the same order she knows, which somehow summarize the problems posed by these narratives. The "Meeting in Time" exhibition tells of a foreigner's view of modern urban cultural codes, which include images and symbols from other eras.

"The exhibition "Meeting in Time" examines the relationship between monuments and political power in Russia. I look at the controversial stories and realities of absolutism, idolatry and politics: how political power was seeping into the ordinary life of society and manipulating people into humility. The history of absolutism seems to have ended, but no - it is still alive in modern society as a form of mythology. The exhibition features photographs, videos, and installations to showcase a variety of materials that carry the memory of historical and private events," says artist Miyoung Kim of her exhibition.

About the International Residence of Open Studios

In 2018, Winzavod launched the Open Studios project, which became one of the flagship projects in New Names. On the basis of the Open Studios there is an international residence, which was visited by artists Nelson Pernisco from France and Ulrike Schmitz from Germany.

Open studios for a period of two weeks to two months provide the resident with space for life and creativity: a room for living on the second floor of the Studios and a workshop.

The program of the stay includes lectures about contemporary art, a series of excursions Contemporary Russian Art on cultural institutions of Moscow and the opportunity to prepare your own personal project or present a master class.

The Open Studio Residence can be visited by an artist from any part of the world (except Russia) over the age of 21.