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Igor Vuloh
Remembering Igor Vulokh

12 October — 13 November 2018

Igor Vuloh
Remembering Igor Vulokh

External impulses Igor Vulokh works are simple, they are reflected in the titles of the works - landscapes, interiors, still life, detail. But in his paintings there is no solution concrete images of the objective world. The artist displays not the objects as such, but the aggregate of sensations, emotional and sensual perception of the structure of the world in its continuous change. Pictures Vulokh - doling out the rhythmic system in which the color or non-color (white) interact with the texture, the canvas plane - with relief, straight lines are parallel or intersect. These abstract compositions the artist often involves a very real phenomenon - the horizon - more precisely, its illusion. He achieves this by gradually thickening, and then complete the merger relief parallel lines or consistent reduction to the disappearance of convex shapes. Peering into the fabric Igor Vulokh, we do not see the plane of the canvas, the artist takes us on the other side of the picture, to infinity. Graphics I.Vudoha saturated color. His compositions on paper from the large bright spots, stripes, lines, how would carry a light source. They create a layering effect, mnogoprostranstvennosti, airy and often cause a very specific way, for example, the change of seasons or days.

Igor Vulokh (January 3, 1938, Kazan - November 28, 2012, Moscow), a painter-conformist '60s, one of the classics of abstraction and minimalism. Born in Kazan, he graduated from the Kazan Art School in 1958, then studied at the Art Faculty of VGIK. Creative artist formation occurred at the end of the 50s-60s, when the "thaw" and "freezing" followed each other. It was during this period began to form art, parallel to the official, - nonconformity. Igor Vulokh because of their extreme individualism has always been on the side of the various groups of his way - the way singles. However, the career of the master became an integral part of the new international artistic movement that emerged in the late 50's - early 60-ies.