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Preauction exhibition

19 February — 28 February 2020

Preauction exhibition


VLADEY presents the auction of contemporary Russian art "ALL FOR 100", where the starting price for each lot starts from €100. "ALL FOR 100" is an original format developed for the auctions by Vladimir Ovcharenko in 2015. Since then, 10 trades have been held, and this year one of London's auctions decided to follow the example of VLADEY and hold auctions "100". 

February "ALL FOR 100" will give an opportunity to collectors to buy not only paintings, but also objects of classics of contemporary Russian art, as well as to open new names.

In recent years, a new wave of young artists from St. Petersburg has appeared, and their best works were selected for the auction. Buyers will be able to purchase works by Anna Andrzhievskaya, Peter Dyakov, Kirill Makarov, Alexander Tsikarishvili, Ivan Chemakin, Alexander Shishkin-Khokusay and Nestor Engelke from a low start of 100 euros. The stars of the Leningrad underground of the 1980s - Denis Yegelsky, Oleg Kotelnikov, Inal Savchenkov, Ivan Sotnikov, Alexander and Olga Florensky - are represented by landmark works. 

The art of 1960s artists is represented by the works of Francisco Infante-Aran, Oleg Tselkov, Sergey Shablavin, Vladimir Yankilevsky and Vladimir Yakovlev. Also among the classics are Konstantin Batynkov, Dmitry Gutov, Sergei Zarva, Konstantin Zvezdochetov and Yegor Koshelev. Among the young, but already well-known artists will be presented works by Kirill Who, Tanya Penniker, Slava Ptk, Samantha Terrow, Vova Nootk. The auction also includes works by promising authors - Zina Isupova, Zhenya Muzalevsky, Sergey Skutaru and Stasi Grishina. For the first time the works of Kirill Akulinichev and Boris Kashapov will take part in the "ALL FOR 100".

You can participate in the VLADEY trades both in person and online from anywhere in the world. Broadcast from the hall is available in real time on

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