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Pre-Auction Exhibition

05 September — 17 September 2018

Pre-Auction Exhibition

VLADEY presents the first auction of the new exhibition season THE MOSCOW TIMES. Thirty-two museum-quality works will be put up for auction, including those by top contemporary Russian artists Sergey Bratkov, Irina Korina, Timur Novikov, Pavel Pepperstein, art duo of Aleksander Vinogradov and Vladir Dubossarsky, Konstantin Zvesdochetov, and others.

The title of the auction referrers to the concept of Moscow as a cultural centre, a city which played host to one of the greatest international festivities this summer.

We are hopeful that new times are in store for us:


VLADEY will present not only paintings but also scultures and objects, including works by one of the leaders of Sots Art Boris Orlov whose Imperial Totem which was displayed at the exhibition RUSSIA! at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 2005.

Along with internationally acknowledged authors VLADEY will also tradilionally feature the work of young artists.

VLADEY is the first contemporary art auction in Russia and was founded by collector and entrepreneur Vladimir Ovcharenko in 2013. The auction has earned a great reputation among artists and collectors and has since become a top-ranked art market authority.VLADEY auctions are broadcast live, so buyers can bid from any part of the world.

18 September 2018, 20:30 Moscow Time (17:30 GMT)